Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gothic Lolita + Hime Gyaru = Kurohime??

As I mentioned in my last post, I like to think of my personal style to be kind of like “kurohime” which translates to “black princess”. In this entry, I will talk a little more about this sort of goth-princess hybrid style and show some examples of what I would consider kurohime.

Please note though that I am in NO way a style expert nor should this be taken as a serious style guide. I did NOT create this style and don’t feel obliged to follow this, experiment! It’s more fun that way.

I must say, out of all the Lolita styles, my favorite style has got to be gothic Lolita, especially the very elegant/cute styles like the stuff from brands like Alice and the Pirates, Alterior Perriott, and Moi Meme Moitie. The only other style I love as much as gothic Lolita is hime gyaru. One thing I love with ANY style is accessories and I think hime gyaru have the BEST accessories! I love the big, curly, Marie Antoinette-like hair, hime mules, and lace and floral pattered stockings (I LOVE hosiery! XD) AND those dazzling hime nails!

As of late, I have been feeling very princessey style wise and when not in Lolita, I would love to wear more hime gyaru and I have begun to collect more hime things. However I still don’t have much of a wardrobe yet, since I don’t fit most Japanese brands I’ve had to look around in other stores and I’ve found it hard to find things that will fit the hime aesthetic. Also, no matter how much I love hime gyaru, I just love Lolita more. Also, outside of fashion, a lot of my interests/hobbies/music I like are more on the “darker” side.

So, what’s a girl to do? The answer: kurohime. When I was getting ready for con season to start up again this year I started thinking and trying to figure out how I could incorporate my two favorite (though total opposite) styles in my wardrobe equally and how to mix them using what I knew from dressing in Lolita for 3 years and observing hime gyaru for 2.

So far I’ve only tried this goth-princess hybrid once and sadly I have no decent pictures. But the main idea, in my mind, would be something like this:

Now, this may or may not be the best example but I think you all get the main idea. Basically the 2 main points are this:

Color Scheme ~ When people think of hime Lolita or hime gyaru, the colors that usually come to mind are pink, cream, rose prints, and basically any and all pastel tones but mostly pink. Even when hime gyaru and hime Lolita are rarely mixed, usually they are done with pastel tone dresses. However with kurohime, like the name, there is a lot of black. But other darker colors and even darker prints can be suitable. My personal favorite color is dark, navy, “Moitie” blue. But dark red, violet, and mono-tones are pretty too! :)

Hair/Makeup ~ Here are some of my favorite makeup tutorials:

With hair, the 3 main things to remember are big, bouffant, and teased. For most girls achieving the perfect hime updo usually means wigs or lots of extensions if your own natural hair is like mines and comes up short. (no pun intended)  I personally buy my wigs from Cosplay Wigs USA/Gothic Lolita Wigs as well as the ebay store cosplaywig. Both stores carry a beautiful selection of hime-styled wigs and other elegant styles as well. (beautiful prices too!)

Here are some more examples I of kurohime I came up with, I love polyvore! :-3

Dress ~ Moi meme Moitie
Bag ~ Spica
Hair Rose ~ offbrand
Necklace ~ Jesus Diamante
Stockings ~ Leg Avenue
Shoes ~ Bodyline
Wig ~ Cyperous

I got the inspiration for this one from watching "Breakfast at Tiffanys"

Bustier ~ Innocent World
Skirt and Shoes ~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Gloves and Stockings ~ Bodyline
Choker ~ Fanplusfriend
Tiara ~ Offbrand

JSK and Headdress ~ Moi meme Moitie
Shoes and Capelet ~ Jesus Diamante
Gloves and Tights ~ Bodyline
Bag ~ The Pyrimid Collection

JSK ~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Stockings ~ Leg Avenue
Necklace and Shoes ~ Jesus Diamante
Gloves and Clutch ~ Bodyline

I really want to try this hybrid style more. For AWA I’ve decided that I’m going to try traditional hime gyaru for the first time really for one day and for the other day (probably Saturday), I will wear kurohime. This time, I promise to take pics!

Oh yeah, I also got a new wig! A black hime gyaru wig from Cosplay Wig USA/Gothic Lolita wigs.

I’ll post pics and something of a review in another entry! :)

Yours Jasmine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Otakon, outfit posts, new wrist cuffs, and AWA

So, it’s been a week since Otakon. For personal reasons I really did not enjoy myself as much as I could have. Since I’m not much of an otaku anymore (I still watch some anime here and there on occasion) I mostly attend for fashion and music guests and to hang out with all my friends who live out of state. (Practically all of them.)

Also for personal reasons, I didn’t attend any of the Lolita events or fashion shows. I may talk a little more about this in a future blog but not now. I don’t think it would be appropriate now to be honest.

But one meetup I did attend was the jrock cosplay photoshoot. I was not planning to go until one of my friends saw me walking around in my Ophelia Kaya cosplay and begged me to go with her. So I did. XD

I’ve been wearing my Ophelia Kaya cosplay since last November. I adore Kaya so much and he really is an inspiration to me not only as a style icon but as a person as well. His Ophelia costume is my favorite out of all of his outfits so when I first saw it I knew I had to make it and cosplay it.

But, for many reasons, I always felt like I was insulting Kaya with my cosplay. I always felt like it could be a lot better but it wasn’t because I don’t think I’m pretty enough to cosplay someone as beautiful as Kaya (or anyone else for that matter).

However, this time for some reason I actually liked the way I looked in my cosplay! I think part of the reason is the photos. I’ve noticed in a lot of the previous photos I’ve taken in my costume I look extremely sad/in pain, some hater even said that I have a “forever alone” face. >_< This time I think I look…dare I say it?....beautiful! This is my favorite shot. When I first saw it I was like “Oh my f***ing lord, IS THAT REALLY  ME?!” I wish I could have more pics taken of me like this. The photo credit goes to Donna Lleces.

Another pic. With me is a very sweet Hizaki cosplayer I met that day.

Later that day I went to the BTSSB/AatP booth in the dealers room, which ended up being extremely tiny to the point it wasn’t even LISTED on the dealers room map. Masumi Kano and Mitsuba were both there taking pics with the con goers. When I first went up to them Mitsuba touched the veil of my hat and said “Kaya! Kaya!” She recognized my cosplay! Masumi and the staff lady did too! ^.^ Well I guess they would since Kaya frequents that store a lot and his Ophelia costume was actually designed by them!

My outfit on Friday and Sunday too. My lovely Rose Candle OP came in afew weeks before Otakon. It’s so beautiful up close and it fits like a dream. I don’t think I’ve ever owned such a beautiful dress! ^o^ I decided to coordinate it in kind of a hime-lolita way. On Friday it was more like Hime Gyaru since I wore some pink mules that I modified with lace, pearls, bows, and roses to look like the ones Jesus Diamante sells.

Outfit Rundown~

Headpiece: Handmade

Jewelry: Offbrand

Tights: Forever 21

Bag: Bodyline

Shoes: Modified Leg Avenue (Friday) and Bodyline (Sunday)

Makeup shot~

The pic I took on Sunday with Masumi and Mitsuba. They were so nice.

Even though the booth was very small, there were afew things of interest. I ended up purchasing a pair of wrist cuffs, another item I’ve always wanted so I was very happy. ^o^

In the evenings I wore more goth/punkish things. Also at otakon were the designers Ibi and Mint of Sixth. I ended up spending the most money on their things, their stuff is so cool and I need more things for casual wear anyway. This is what I wore Friday evening to meet them. (sry the pic is not so good) They were also very nice and Ibi kept playing with my silver rose chain necklace. XD

And my Saturday outfit. The top and bag are by the designer h.Naoto. Both him and Sixth are branches of the larger label S-inc. I decided to be balls-ey and show my arms, which I hate! And show my natural hair.

And so otakon was pretty nice. My next convention will be Anime Weekend Atlanta. It will also be my birthday con, I’m turning 20 on September 27th! I think that con will be mostly a himegyaru con outfit wise since I’m beginning to collect more items. I may wear kurohime Lolita for Moon Stream’s concert though. So if you see me, please say hi or happy birthday! XD

In the meantime I’m working my ass off so I can make it in the fashion show S-inc is having at AWA. I’m a 13 now and I want to be a 10 or 8 by the time I apply. Wish me luck!

Yours Jasmine