Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pretty in Pink~

Hello everyone!

So now it’s a little more than a month until AM2 and it’s now more or less set in stone for sure that I am going! I wish they would hurry up and announce all of their guests though, so far the only guests they’ve announced that I’m interested in are IBI of Sixh, and the designers of the punk-sweet brand Putumayo.

But either way I’m going. In addition to working extra hours to ensure I will have enough money to go along with my classes at the couture school, I’ve been pretty busy this last month which is why I’ve neglected writing more. >____< Also for awhile I was feeling very depressed about a lot of things but for now I think I’ve gotten a grip on it and am feeling a little better. I think. Mostly because I’ve had this song on eternal repeat. XD

In any case today a package came for me this morning. Afew weeks ago I bought a dress from a very sweet girl on the egl comm. sales and it finally arrived today. The “Dolly Shirring” OP from Angelic Pretty.

I decided to buy this back when there was still the possibility that I might be going to ACEN, which in the end I didn’t go to neither. ;___; Now I’m not much of a sweet lolita girl, I prefer darker, more elegant dresses but I actually really like this dress a lot and it’s one of the few sweeter dresses I think flatters me well. <3

And it’s getting warmer too. Summers in Baltimore are brutal and I’ve been wanting to add more OP’s to my wardrobe anyway, preferably ones with short/cap sleeves and pastel colored ones because they are easy to coordinate and wear in warmer weather. This is the second one I’ve gotten this year.

So this is my second time in really sweet lolita, I think I’d like to try more sweet coords as summer progresses. What do you think??

Dress~ Angelic Pretty

Socks, shoes and strawberry bag~ Bodyline

White heart bag~ h.Naoto FRILL

Bow clips~ Taken off a Bodyline JSK

Wrist cuffs~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Pearl jewelry~ Offbrand

And some more nails I made last month with the theme “Petals and Pearls”.

I think I’ll wear this when I go to Disneyland the day before AM2. All in all I’m very satisfied with this dress, it’s got a very nice feel to it AND has a built in petticoat and hidden pockets too.  The seller was very nice too, she even added a box of strawberry pocky with the package. :3

I’m also selling some of my lolita items too! You can view what I am selling here:

Well, hope you all have a nice rest of the week. :)
Yours Jasmine