Friday, June 14, 2013

Anime Next 2013 Part I ~ Rainy Roadtrip and meeting Moon Stream again

Hello Everyone!

So it’s been a week exactly since Anime Next and now it’s time for me to blog about it! Post con crud hit me extremely early this time (literally less than an hour after leaving on Sunday!) but I am feeling 100% better now. The weekend was pretty fun however the con itself was not so much due to the constant miscommunications between us and the con staff. It was ridiculous and rather frustrating.

Also personal problems during the con also dampened my fun a bit; but not by much. All in all I had a pretty awesome time. I now know that my self esteem is improving. The two best things about the weekend were seeing Satsuki and Moon Stream again (of course!) and also being around 3 of my most awesome friends Amanda, Thomas and Camille. One of my anxieties is always the possibility of being alone at cons because recent drama has greatly reduced the number of friends/people I trust not to scorn me. But with these three I was never alone and, God, SOOOOOOOOO many inside jokes were made this time around! Even more than at PMX! XD


When I started my new job that Monday, I was very great full to my new boss for allowing me to have off for Anime Next, which was a slight worry of mine when I got the job the weekend before. I rushed through work on Thursday and went straight to the bus station where Amanda was waiting for me. We went to my house and from there Thomas got us and then Camille.

Thursday night was nothing less than a party for us all. We ate pizza and shrimp and watched “Wreck it Ralph”, later I helped Amanda learn the words to “Inside”. Even back when we were planning on going to Izumicon, Amanda had told me that she really wanted to sing a song for Satsuki when she met him. She has such a lovely voice! Afterward we went to bed and got ready for a long ride to New Jersey in the morning.

My alpaca Shirayuki-chan holding my Satsuki album “Luminous” ready to hit the road!

Going over the bridge between Delaware and New Jersey. Scary!! O.o

It took about 3 hours to get there; the con was finally in full swing by the time we arrived to our hotel. We had a very nice suite with a separate room all of our own and our roomies were also pretty cool. Sadly it was pouring rain all day so we had to drive from the hotel to the con to avoid being drenched.

No lolita that day, this really isn’t any type of jfashion actually. Just generally cute. XD

After getting are badges we went straight to the dealers hall. Kincs designer Mint Neko was one of the fashion guests at Anext this year so we went first to the h.Naoto booth which was right by the door. Amanda tried on some Mint Neko tops with help from the staffers and Mint and me and Camille made Thomas our human mannequin by trying on different clothes on him, Sixh clothes and even dresses from FRILL just for kicks! XD  As for me, I chose to buy an Honey dress; I’m sad that that brand is being discontinued but I’m glad I was able to find a piece before they all went away. And best of all, it fit me very well! I’m not sure if I lost weight or not but the fit was very good, I love my new dress! <3

Camille went off on her own and the rest of us went on to the Moon Stream booth. All the members were there and I and Amanda were immediately slapped hard with nervousness! Ugh!! After a few minutes she remembered the lyrics she had practiced and we both worked up the balls to go to the booth. I had intended to record the whole scene on the down low but I became too anxious and forgot! FAIL on my part! XD

She went to get Satsuki’s attention and I got to briefly speak to Tomo. I gave him the constellation necklace I had bought for him as a gift. He was very happy with it. Then Amanda sang “Inside” for Satsuki, he smiled and said “Ah, sugoi! Very good! Thank you!” Amanda then got a picture with him. My heart was overflowing with happiness for her; I knew how much this meant to her. And just when I thought things could not be better, Satsuki said he remembered me from PMX! I did not think he actually would but he did! I gave him a necklace with an image of a beautiful nebula galaxy for his gift, he said it was “sugoi” and put it on right away, that made me very happy. I then got to take a picture with him too.

Much less akward and nerve wraking than at PMX. He’s wearing my gift in this picture! ^o^

We said goodbye to Moon Stream and promised to go to the concert that night. Then we went to brose the dealers hall more, our last stop was the BABY booth where Masumi and fellow designer Saki Tachibana were. (I think this was her first time in the US, certainly not Masumi’s first) I modeled some AATP items on Thomas to see what would look best on him for when he starts prince style. I still want to somehow find those outfits Tomo and Satsuki were wearing at PMX.

Evening fell upon the con soon enough and the dealers hall closed. Me and Thomas spent the rest of the day taking pics of cosplayers and Amanda and Camille went to the game room. We would all meet up again soon enough for the Moon Stream concert, which I will talk about more in my next post! In the meantime, enjoy this vlog Amanda made for the first day of the con. Please subscribe to her youtube too for more awesome vids about cons, jfashion and jrock, and more! Also check out her etsy “Panda Fuzz” too for adorable pretties. I come on around 1:55.

Yours Jasmine

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