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Anime Next 2013 Part II ~ Friday evening and Saturday; includes more video!

Hello Everyone!

And now to continue with Friday evening! We had been told that lining up for the Moon Stream concert would not begin until 30 minutes before showtime, I had actually tried to line up line 90 minutes before but I was shooed away by staffers. So I decided to meet up with Thomas for dinner together and by the time we were done it was about 45 minutes before the show so we met up with the girls and got ready for the concert.

Yeah….that whole 30 minute’s thing was a fat ass LIE! By the time we were all together the line was nearly wrapped around the dealer’s hall and pouring into the rest of the exhibit center!  One of many screw over’s we would have to deal with that weekend. We were near the back of the line completely. >___< Despite this, it did make me very happy to see so many people wanting to see Moon Stream. I had already had the privilege of being in the front of both their shows at PMX already and such a talented bunch deserves as many people possible to come and see them perform. But I was still a little bit sour about not being in the front this time though; don’t get it twisted, lmao. While waiting we saw Satsuki, Tomo, Poel and Takaya pass us by occasionally. We waved to them but I don’t think they saw us. XD

In any case, the doors opened at 9 on the dot and we all filed into the concert space. Despite my rather sour spot in the back I actually managed to get a spot at the very front on the very far left closest to Poel, not very close to Tomo and Satsuki but close enough to take very adequate video! <3

My uploaded video from youtube of the show from were I was standing. All things considered, I think it came out very well.

The concert was awesome and very fun, as always; Moon Stream really knows how to make the audience pumped, enthralled and begging for more. I was close to one of the con staff on the other side of the bars and she seemed to really be enjoying the music too. Even BABY designers Masumi and Saki came to see the show. (I saw them sitting not to far behind me right before and after the show.)

They played a lot of the newer songs off of Satsuki’s album “Luminous”; my favorite songs are “Twilight” (3:52) and “Inside” (6:10). With “Inside”, I was very close to crying several times during the song because Satsuki had so much emotion and feeling when he performed this song that it seemed like he really was in pain/crying. It moved me considerably and touched my heart. I felt a sense of overwhelming sadness mixed with a strange sense of joy and hope. It was weird but not bad at all. After the song was over I had to pinch myself a few times to keep myself from crying. Especially since the next song was the cheery and uplifting “Innocent” (7:25).

After a few more songs the band left the stage. The chants for an encore started immediately and Moon Stream answered our calls. They returned all wearing a new style of Moon Stream shirts I had not seen before. Strange as it seemed I actually enjoyed the encore more than the main set. They played “Awake” and then “Pray for the Sun”. During that song one of the bands staff said something in my ear about the next song that I did not hear fully. I soon realized what she was saying. Satsuki then announced that they would now perform a brand new, original Moon Stream song for the first time! I am 99.999% sure the song was called “Destruction” but if I’m wrong somebody please feel free to correct me.

The new song was amazing, powerful, and very very hot! :-O Satsuki was so killer sexy and had such power in his voice that it sent chills down my spine several times. It was a very hot performance that just got hotter at the end! A great way to end a great show.

I didn’t take many pics this time, but here is a great shot of Poel I took early in the show. <3

Sadly there was no autograph session afterward so I just met up with my friends again and we drove back to the hotel. By this time the rain had stopped and the next day gave way to beautiful weather that would stay for the remainder of the weekend; much to all of our relief and happiness.

Saturday was rather quiet surprisingly, besides the fashion show and Q&A not much happened. The day started with a nice breakfast at the hotel and then we all got dolled up and headed down to the con. Me and Amanda went to the BABY/AATP booth and I bought a cute little brown Usakumya keychain to compliment my bag. I also got my photo taken by one of the staffers for their blog. ^.^ Soon enough we got ready to line up for the fashion show.

Amanda and another cute lolita we met in the line. <3

We had a feeling they would start lineup for the fashion show sooner than they said and we were right. We managed to get a good spot though and then we were selected to sit in the very front by press because of our lolita clothes, that was pretty awesome. XD

The fashion show was pretty great. I did feel a tad bit sad though because even though I applied to be a model for both Mint Neko and BTSSB/AATP I was not accepted as always. I have decided to give up on wanting to model for brand fashion shows. I know I will never be good enough to grace the runway for a high up Japanese brand, I’m not speaking from a depressive state I’m just being realistic. Even if I loose weight and even if people say that I’m beautiful there is still a certain type of look and shape I will always have that contradicts the image most Jfashion brands want to show. It’s not their fault, it’s mine; but there is no need to feel sad about it any longer, just try to learn to be happy with myself despite it all, which I will.

In any case, Mint Neko was the first brand presented. Their clothes are actually really cute and have a kind of playful feel to them. I love the cat imagery! :-3 Amanda took some great video of the fashion show that I will post below:

Afterward there was a Q&A with Mint Neko and then BTSSB/AATP were presented. Tomo and Satsuki modeled prince style from AATP again and they both looked so handsome and dashing! Tomo pulled a white rose from under his sleeve in some kind of slight-of-hand that I thought was really cute. He would not throw it into the audience though, such a tease! ;-) Here is Amanda’s video of the BTSSB/AATP part of the show:

 Also some random pics of my own that I took~

Tomo san! Looking exquisite as the Mad Hatter! <3

I enjoyed the fashion show, despite my slight feelings of inferiority. But I wasn’t feeling well and could not stay for the Q&A with the designers. We went back to the hotel and I changed into a simple but elegant BABY JSK for the evening, we went to a few panels and took more pics and soon it was time to line up for Moon Stream’s Q&A. Once again there was confusion on when and where the line would start which ended up with us waiting OUTSIDE the hotel for nearly an hour before they finally let us in for the panel about 10 minutes late.

The panel was very fun and very silly; the first question was what made Satsuki and Tomo want to make a band together. Either Satsuki or Tomo (forgot which) replied “We are NOT gay!” and the whole room erupted in laughter! Geez guys stop teasing us, I don’t think anyone was thinking that anyway! >____<

In any case they told the story of how back in Anime Next 2008 Satsuki was homesick and really wanted Japanese food so a friend introduced him to Tomo. Since then they have been friends and performed together for the first time at Onicon 2009. But then…Tomo went on about how during “Pray for the Sun” the previous night Satsuki kissed him on the cheek and how he was “ready to be taken” cause it looked like he wanted to do more, much to everyone’s delight and laughter. I was just shaking my head in irony but it was all in good fun. XD

Some other questions included things like their favorite artists, favorite anime, whom would they like to collaborate with, etc. Tomo showed his special “dance” that he likes to do right before shows and also Satsuki and Tomo both sang “Happy Birthday” to a lucky girl in the audience who was celebrating her birthday. Amanda asked what advice Satsuki had for an aspiring singer, but sadly I don’t remember what he said. >___<

At the end of the panel Satsuki told us about his “Gomi Fantasia Project” event the next day where he and the other band members would pick up trash around the convention and with other con attendees. He asked us to all come and help make Anime Next beautiful and litter-less. I will talk about that in my next entry! <3

Yours Jasmine

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