Thursday, July 11, 2013

Anime Expo 2013 Part I ~ Transmigration

YES I'm naming this report after my favorite Kaya songs, bite me! XD

Hello Everyone! 

Well I made it. Against all odds I made it; and I could not be happier! Could not be more satisfied with how everything worked out in the end. This past weekend was practically euphoric.

Since 2009 I’ve always wished to go to Anime Expo but due to it always being so close to Otakon, I never really tried to go. However when it was announced that Kaya was going to be in attendance this year I knew that somehow I had to be there! I had been casually following Kaya’s music since 2006 but it wasn’t until I saw him at PMX 2008 with a bunch of other friends that I really became a fan.

I’ve already mentioned this before but Kaya is one of my hugest inspirations because in addition to being very talented and beautiful, I admire how much confidence he seems to have in himself and how he can so easily be comfortable with himself and make people love him so much. Kaya could melt the heart of even the most cold, homophobic ass pansy I’m certain about that! XD

Don't know much about Kaya? Watch this PV and educate yourself! <3

Kaya was the main reason I went to Anime Expo but there were many other great things going on that weekend too, including Moon Stream’s presence (always great seeing Tomo and Satsuki! <3), bands CELL and Porno Graffiti (they were also pretty awesome) and also 2 gyaru fashion shows on Friday and Saturday. I’m beginning to get more into gyaru fashion now and one of my roommates was also a gyaru too! ^.^ I tried agejo for the first time at Anime Expo too but I will get to that in a little bit.

But I guess I will start as I always do, with the beginning Thursday morning.


Ready to go, Shirayuki-chan? <3

No sleep Wednesday night as always, as if that was even an option! The only serious gripe I had all weekend was the fact I had to fly another airline other than Southwest Airlines this time around, never again! >___< Between my first flight being slightly delayed and the fact I had to wait for another person to give up their spot on the plane, I nearly missed my transfer flight to LA from Philadelphia but I thank God that I made it. In Philly, I was seated next to a bunch of other people also going to Anime Expo; that was nice and I had some people to talk to for part of the flight. I was in high spirits, eager to see what awaited me in Lost Angeles.

It’s always tiring going to California, though the flight is technically 5 hours long I was actually going back in time by 3 hours because of the difference between EST and PST making it feel more like 8 hours and making me feel very exhausted by the time we landed. My energy returned though when I got my bags and boarded my shuttle. While on my way to the hotel, I passed by the Square Enix building and the LA Convention Center itself; I was shocked. It’s nearly 3 times the size of Otakon, maybe even larger! I was slightly afraid of what overwhelming experience I had gotten myself into but also very excited too!

Made it to my hotel! ^.^

Finally I got to my hotel, met up with my roommates; I really enjoyed the company of all my roommates this time, especially my newest friend Abbie! <3 She came to the room much later and quickly struck an conversation with me, she’s so nice and had me cracking up all Saturday evening too! XD I’m also glad to have a friend now who seems to know a lot about gyaru style now that I’m getting more seriously into it.

 In any case, Kaya’s first autograph session was nearly an hour away but something in me knew I would not make it in time because I still needed to get my badge. So I decided to keep my Kaya cosplay for Saturday and did lolita for the evening.

Ready to go!

The line of doom! >___<

I was right about missing the autograph session, ah well. I was lucky that I managed to catch the line just as it was “dying down” but I was still there for nearly 2 hours, but at least it moved quickly and the process to get my badge was quick too; I still had about 30 minutes before Kaya’s panel.

My badge!

When I got to his panel I was given a ticket with a number on it. I didn't know what it meant but then one of the staffers explained to us all that the tickets were for “autograph vouchers”, if we got a ticket with one of the winning numbers on it, we would get a ticket for a guaranteed autograph with Kaya on Saturday. The panel then started, first Moon Stream was announced Tomo and Satsuki appeared. I didn't know they would be there but it made me happy either way. Then Kaya was announced and my heart nearly stopped. He was wearing his newest outfit, all black and leather reminding me of something from his days with Schwarz Stein, along with his signature winning smile. Oh, he looked so gorgeous and very sexy! *o*

I wanted to ask Kaya a very specific question but I was overrun with fear and anxiousness so I just decided to enjoy the questions and answers, which were all pretty interesting and some very funny! Many times I was simply taken by Kaya’s smile and laugh which is…very distinct! Anyone who has heard it knows what I mean! XD I do wish I could have asked a question though but it’s okay. If had gotten the chance though, I would want to know what is Kaya’s secret to self confidence and being as beautiful as he is inside and out. I’d also like to know what other historical heroine’s he’d like to sing about in future music but honestly I’d probably ask the former rather than the latter.

In any case, when the panel was over the winning ticket numbers were posted; I had one of the winning tickets after all! This meant that I was surely going to meet Kaya on Saturday! I was both nervous and happy all at the same time, mostly happy! XD I was really looking forward to that day along with Friday, the day of the concert.

The night was still young and I wanted to explore the con a bit more but I was tired and still jet-lagged. So after the panel I decided to return to my room for the night. The last thing I did that night was watch the fireworks with some of my roommates for the 4th of July, and that was Thursday. It’s a wonder I managed to get any sleep that night because I was so excited about the next day to come!

My outfit on Thursday, I love my new Farah wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs! <3

JSK and shoes ~Bodyline

Bolero and necklace ~ Offbrand

Beret ~ Ashro

Tights ~ Taobao

Yours Jasmine

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