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Anime Expo 2013 Part III ~ Kaleidoscope *Happy Birthday Queen Kaya!!*

Hello Everyone!

Before I continue onto Saturday, let me first say I wish Kaya a very happy birthday today! July 17th is his birthday which I guess would be today by default if you take the time difference into consideration. I hope he has a lovely and elegant day today. Happy birthday Darling! <3

Anyway so now onto Saturday, this had to be one of the best days (if not THE best!) day of the weekend. The first thing I gotta say is, three hours, three effing hours! That’s how long it took me to get dressed that day. Usually it takes me less time but I wanted to look my absolute best for Kaya so I took special care in getting ready and putting on my Ophelia dress. I really wish though I had gotten more pictures though BEFORE the heat and crowds got to me and ruined my appearance. XD But I’ve been inspired to finally do a photoshoot with this costume sometime in the next month or so before putting it up for good. I’ve decided to cosplay Kaya again next year, this time his “Salome” costume! But that’s for another entry.

I also want to thank my roomies for helping me get into my dress too and lace my boots. Oh the things I do for the love of jrockers and their beautiful outfits! XD I was the last to leave the room that day around 2pm, by that time the possibility of going to the second gyaru fashion show had become a lost cause. :( But I got a lot of imput and knowledge from going to the booths that weekend and from Abbie so now I feel more comfortable doing it in the future. ^.^

After nearly 30 minutes of stopping every few minutes for pictures (I’m not kidding) I finally made it to the con and freshened up for what would be a very special moment for me. Kaya’s autograph session was also with Moon Stream’s and it started promptly at 3pm, because I had a winning ticket at the Q&A on Thursday I would be assured an autograph and actually ended up as the VERY FIRST person in line! Behind me were this very nice mother and daughter who were also Kaya fans, they complimented my outfit and helped me calm my nerves as I was EXTREMELY nervous and afraid about meeting Kaya. When I first met him back in 2009 he was wearing his Ophelia costume and performed in it, I thought he looked so beautiful and elegant in this specific costume and that’s why I decided to cosplay it. But of course everyone knows my insecurity issues where this costume is concerned, I prayed to God Kaya would not become offended when he saw me otherwise IDK what I would do! >__________<

Through the curtain behind the autograph table I could see his silhouette and bits of his skirt through the cracks of the curtain, finally the autograph session started. Words cannot describe how nervous I was, but I was determined to keep calm no matter what! I murmured hello to him and then he said “Ah, Ophelia!” with the sweetest smile ever, I was very struck by his beauty. I felt like crying right then and there but I’m proud to say I maintained my cool the entire time while getting my poster signed and speaking to him. Of course I was not nervous at all about meeting Moon Stream again! XD

After that I found a free spot and collapsed on the ground fully overwhelmed but very happy, but I could not rest for long, I had to quickly return back to the Moon Stream/Kaya booth for the fan photo session. It was much more crowded that I thought with many people in line for Moon Stream, which made me happy. I didn’t have long to wait before I was my turn to meet Kaya again. My courage had returned and I had intended to ask Kaya if he liked my costume but before I could say anything he smiled at me again and said “Very pretty, Ophelia!” He seemed very sincere too. In that moment I felt a great flow of confidence flow through me unlike anything I ever felt before.

Now onto a little fact about me: while I try not to look completely angry or miserable when I get my picture taken, I have never ever really smiled in any picture like I really want to. This reason is because I always feel self conscious about myself and how I look and I especially feel like my smile is very ugly. I’m always worried about how I look so I can’t be truly happy which is why I never really smile in pictures like I’d like to.

Well there is a first time for everything. In a very rare moment of full self confidence in myself I decided to put on a full, true smile for this picture. And you know what? I love it! I actually think I look cute here, though not as cute as Kaya of course! XD After the pic was taken he signed it and then I actually got to hug him! It’s amazing that I managed to keep it cool and not loose it during this whole experience, but man did I want to!

 As I walked out of the hall I felt one tear run down my face, only one. I could not believe that he actually liked my cosplay, I was so sure he would not like it or not even recognize it because my skin is no where near as pale as his was in the official Ophelia photos. That’s when I realized something: whenever Kaya speaks about how he does not care about the concepts of gender, race or looks, he means it truly! I always wanted to hold onto these beliefs and that is why I love Kaya so much and why I decided in the end to cosplay him. But in the past few years I hate to admit I’ve lost sight of this belief sometimes when I’m feeling really down and inadequate about myself. Hell, I practically tore my Node of Scherzo Kaya cosplay into shreds because I was so ashamed of my tanned skin and curvy figure when I tried it on after making it. Lately I’ve been trying hard to believe again in Kaya’s concept of self acceptance and being able to meet him in my costume and seeing his positive reaction, while it may seem small, really helped me a lot with my confidence. In the days since returning to Baltimore whenever I’ve felt bad about myself I’ve been recalling that moment to myself and remembering that while I am not perfect, I know I am beautiful in my own way, just like Kaya. And that’s why I’m going to make his “Salome” costume for Katsucon next year.

I doubt he’ll read this but I just want to say, thank you Kaya for helping me realize this again. And thank you for bringing out a real smile in me. I will treasure this picture forever.

Okay enough sentimental bull, back to my report! XD

I returned back to my room around the same time Abbie and some of the other roomies did. She suggested that we go to Little Tokyo that evening and I immediately said yes! I’ve always wanted to visit Little Tokyo but never had the chance/a local to help me get there. So me, her and our other roommate (I’m so sorry I forgot your name sweetie, please don’t kill me! DX) changed and took the bus there, it actually is not that far away from where we were. If I do go back to LA again in the future I really would like to go back again.

Little Tokyo is made up of mainly Japanese restraunts and specialty stores along with a little center square with pretty scenery and stone walkways. It’s a very nice place and I took many pictures, mostly of the food I ate though! XD

The window of one such Japanese restraunt. The food displayed is fake of course, but it looks very good!

We went to a cute little macaroon shop, mango my favorite flavor. Yum! :-3

The papers on the tree are most likely wishes for the Japanese holiday Tanabata, which was the next day. If you do not know the story of Tanabata you should look it up, it’s a very sweet romantic tale! <3

Soon we went into the Little Tokyo mall which had even more shops. The first one we went into was the Fairytale Boutique! I had heard of this store before, a second hand lolita and kawaii fashion shop, and I decided if I did go to Little Tokyo that I really wanted to visit. I’m glad I was able to. It’s a very cute, glittering shop with a lot of beautiful things for sale ranging from lolita clothes and accessories to dolls and wall art. Even cute kids clothes! Me and Abbie both tried on faux fur lolita caplets, they were so pretty! Sadly there was a sign on the wall that stated that photography was not allowed so I could not take any pictures while in there. But it’s okay, just know that if you are ever in Little Tokyo Fairytale Boutique is a stop you must make if you love lolita or kawaii fashion in general. You will not be disappointed! ^.^

I was glad to be able to visit a real jfashion boutique; I hope that next I can go to the Harajuku Hearts store where Chantilly dresses are officially sold. But that’s in San Francisco and an entry for another day. Next we went to the two Jungle stores, one sold a lot of cosplay, jrock and cosplay lolita items and the other sold anime, manga and some jrock items too. Both where pretty cool, I just wish we could have taken purikura in the one store that had purikura booths in it; I did not realize they would be so expensive though! >_< Oh well, maybe next time.

Finally we sat down on a bench and rested. I had gotten some takoyaki (my FAVORITE Japanese food! ^o^) and Abbie let me try this interesting Japanese sweet, I think it was called anpan but I’m not sure. It was such a nice evening but I slightly sad because tomorrow would be the last day of Anime Expo, but also slightly excited because I would also get to see David soon and go to the next Moon Stream/Kaya concert! XD

A slight repeat of my gal outfit for Friday, I wore for Saturday evening too. I had some Demonia boots on earlier but…yeah…no way in hell for walking! XD

Dress ~ Honey (Sixh sub brand)

Vest and tights ~ Wet Seal

Bracelet ~ MA*RS

Necklace ~ Princess Melody (Brand by age-hime gyaru and MA*RS model Himena Osaki)

Hairpiece ~ Charlotte Russe

Bag ~ Loris

Wig ~ Farah “Vamp” by Gothic Lolita Wigs

Yours Jasmine

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