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Anime Next 2013 Part III ~ Sunday and Anime Expo prelude

Hello Everyone!

Well I know I have been slow to post the last part of my Anime Next report, but there is a reason for this.

Back in May, like not even 3 weeks before Anime Next, it was announced that Moon Stream would be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles ALONG WITH KAYA! For a while it seemed that I would not even be going to Anime Next because it’s all the way in Cali, I had made no financial plans for returning to the west coast at all this year, and Southwest Rewards points failed to help me this time.

But I was determined to go, mostly for Kaya even though Moon Stream is obviously a huge bonus. They will be performing together and this alone is a dream come true for me, especially since I could not fly all the way to Europe for Kaya and Satsuki’s coupling tour back in 2012!

However I had already made promises to my friends that we would go to Anime Next and I had already made financial commitments to it.  Two cons on the two complete opposite coasts of the country less than a month a part seemed like a crazy suicide mission. But still, I was determined to go and despite so many near failures, after everything possible going wrong happening, against all possible odds, I will be flying to LA tomorrow morning. For a while I had mostly been keeping this to myself and didn’t want to mention it on my blog until I was 100% sure this was happening in order to avoid having to write a very disappointing entry about not being able to go. Especially since Anime Expo would be mentioned in the third part of my Anime Next report.

My flight is booked, hotel booked, tickets bought and more. I am ready fully for Anime Expo. I am looking forward to tomorrow. And now that my going is fully confirmed I can write this last part of my Anime Next report without fear of jinxing myself! XD


After arriving to the convention center, wearing my new Honey dress! :-D

Sunday was another rather quiet day with not much of interest going on until much later. I took a lot of pictures of various cosplayers (which are on my facebook and tumblr now) and went to one panel but that is about it. At around 11am me and Amanda went to the dealers room again and saw that Tomo and Satsuki were at the Moon Stream booth again so we decided to go say hi (and buy more chekis! XD)

 It was somewhat crowded though but we managed through. I mentioned to Satsuki how last year at their Q&A at PMX, I had asked if they would ever consider performing with Kaya in the US. Their attendance at Anime Expo had just recently been announced and I told him how happy it made me. Satsuki asked if I would come to LA and when I said I would he thanked me and said “Good.” In my mind I was praying that I would somehow make a way to actually go but I was very happy with myself at that moment because before then I never could manage to speak to him more beyond a few words without becoming tongue tied, red and nervous let alone have a full, brief conversation! I was proud of myself and it shows that I am becoming more comfortable with myself and less anxiety ridden around people who I feel are better than me in some way shape or form. I hope I can experience even more of this when I go to Anime Expo and in the future in general.

Soon it was time for guest autograph sessions. First were voice actors, then fashion designers, and finally Moon Stream. I got autographs from Masumi, Saki and Isobe-sama first, I bought Masumi and Saki jeweled pillboxes as gifts that I had made. Amanda and Thomas then joined me for Moon Stream’s autograph session. I was glad Thomas was getting more into their music because I was slightly worried he may feel slightly left out being around us girls all weekend and hearing us talk of nothing but frills and jrock and making inside jokes! XD He decided to join me and Amanda for Satsuki’s Gomi Fantasia project soon after the autograph session.

We were the first ones at the panel room but soon we were joined by many other fans. Around 2:30 we were let in, Satsuki spoke briefly about the Gomi Fantasia Project in Japan and the work he does with them; basically picking up litter and trash in Tokyo to make the city more beautiful and every now ant then they have contests. Satsuki had posted about the Gomi Fantasia Project on his facebook several times before and earlier this year and last, asked fans on facebook all around the world to send pictures of them picking up trash which would all be put together to create a mosaic picture of him. This time we would go outside near the back of the convention center for about 30 minutes and pick up trash with him and the other band members.

So we all went outside, were paired off with different members, and began. Thomas took many pictures from this event and I’ll share the best of them here! :-3

Right before we began. The band members explain what we were going to do. Me and Thomas went in Tomo’s direction and Amanda in Satsuki’s direction.

Poel!! <3

Random pic of me Thomas took as I was picking up a tore up brown paper bag. XD

Tomo and Takaya in the distance.

Soon I decided to go the other way and find Amanda. We followed behind Satsuki’s group for a bit as they went further on the other side of the convention center.

This moss bog we found on the other side. Satsuki thought it was very pretty but there was some trash sticking out by the edge. Sadly no one could reach and get it without falling in. ><

Afterward we all came back to where we originally began and put all the trash together in 4 bags, Thomas was one of the last to come back and he had found a big chunk of old cardboard which was added to the trash we all collected. Then we all took a group picture together for Satsuki’s facebook and blog. That is where I found this pic below~

Yay!!! ^O^

It was such a fun event and I am very happy I was able to participate in it. This is one of the reason’s I admire Satsuki so much and not just because of his looks, he has such a great love for beauty like myself and strives for a more beautiful world whether it be through picking up trash or through making beautiful music, illuminating the hearts and lives of all whom hear it. I really do hope to be more like him and work hard to make my world a beautiful place as well.

That was the last event of the day before another long ride back to Baltimore, we dropped Camille off home and on Monday morning said goodbye to Amanda as she went back to PA. I was so sad to see her go but hopefully I can get to see her again soon. I hope she can come to AWA for my birthday! <3

My assorted goodies from Anime Next; my Honey dress, macaroon necklace, Usakumya chain (gift for my friend Kitty), signed picture of Moon Stream and 3 Satsuki cheki’s! <3

And that was Anime Next 2013, all in all it was a pretty fun weekend and I’m glad I went even though I was risking not going to Anime Expo by doing so. Tomorrow is Anime Expo and I shall by flying out very early tomorrow morning for LA, I will not be posting anymore until after I return from Cali next Tuesday.

Also I’m so excited and happy to be seeing Kaya again after 4 years. I have not seen him since Anime USA 2009. I really hope he likes my Ophelia cosplay! Yes, I will be bringing it along with me for one last wear, but as of late I have been feeling strangely confident and comfortable with my body so I am not as anxiety ridden about wearing it again as I have been in the past. I hope this confidence stays with me as I travel and I look forward to whatever adventures await me there.

Yours Jasmine

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