Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anime Expo 2013 Part IV ~ Addict

Hello Everyone!

Finally onto the last part of my Anime Expo report. Geez, I've been so busy this past month. Time to catch up.


I have been to many concerts but the concert at Complex LA had to be the best one I've ever been to without a doubt! It really blew the AX show out of the water and I was glad to see David again too! ^.^

I want to personally thank my roomie Mia for helping me out with getting a badge for David so we could go to the con together on the last say, we are both very grateful. The day started rather early as I packed up all my stuff and said goodbye to my roomies one last time. It was kind of saddening to leave them but hopefully I can get to see some of them again at PMX, yes I am going after all! David and Abbie convinced me to. XD

My outfit for today, modeling my lovely new Satsuki shirt. <3

AX had begun to die down a lot  and there were not nearly as many crowds that morning. I spent the first part of the day mostly taking pictures and watching old school shoujo anime in one of video rooms before me and David finally met up back at the hotel, I was so glad to see him. After the con was over we left to get some much needed rest before the show that night. I was so excited that I did not actually think I would get any sleep at all but I did and I must say it had to be surprisingly the most restful sleep I had had that entire weekend.

A few hours later David and I left for Complex LA. We made it to the venue in plenty of time, from inside it sounded like Moon Stream and Kaya were still doing sound check. I was extremely stoked!

While in line we met many other fans as well, I got to talk to this very nice Kaya fan who had actually been following him since before Schwarz Stein; very impressive! Also in line with us were the ladies from the YouTube show "Nutty Nomads"! I watch their show frequently because they do a lot of K-pop related things in the US (K-pop is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.) and last year they did coverage of PMX including Moon Stream's events too.

It was cool meeting them since I really enjoy their videos. They were very nice too and actually wanted to interview me and David for their show. I was kind of nervous though so I fear I may have ended up looking derpy and stupid!

And I did, fuck my life. >___________<

Finally the doors opened and we were all let in. the atmosphere of the room was very intimate and no matter where you sat or stood you would still be very close to the stage. Standing next to me were some other fans and we became friends after the show, they were a lot of fun and made the show all the more enjoyable. After being reminded again that pics and vids would not be allowed the concert began and OMG, it had not occured to me how close I actually was until Kaya emerged from the stage (dressed in his sexy black "Taboo" outfit) and came VERY close to us! It was incredible. He started off with the song "Rose Kingdom".

I already said this, but the complex LA concert was a thousand times better than AX, if that was even possible. The reason? This concert was a lot like the live house shows in Japan, especially Kaya's set. In the past, I've seen videos on You Tube of Kaya's live shows at various places like Tokyo Decadence, and I always wanted to go to one of Kaya's shows like that, so being able to have the opportunity to do that in my own country was truly amazing. Another dream crossed off my bucket list.

After “Rose Kingdom” came another favorite of mine, “Walkure”. Kaya delivered it perfectly as we all waved our fists to the music with him. When “Walkure” was over Kaya had a quick MC and then introduced the next song saying that he worked on the song with his friend Hizaki (guitarist of Versailles); he didn’t even have to announce the name for me to know what song he meant and I was right: “Vampire Requiem”!

Both "Vampire Requiem along with the next song "Silvery Dark" are kind of slow and not very upbeat. For the first time I actually had the chance to filly gaze at Kaya up close and take n all of his amazing beauty, I was in awe. Every detail of him I could see with such amazing clarity, from the blue gems at the ends of his long pearl necklaces to the lace detailing of his stockings, everything was flawless. I could also feel very vividly the emotion in Kaya's voice as he sang; I could tell he was putting all of his heart and soul into the performance. It was amazing.

I managed to get through "Silvery Dark" without crying, for that I'm proud of myself, lol. Afterward Kaya had another MC and asked (with the help of a translator) if any of us had gone to his show at AX and not surprisingly nearly everyone in the audience said yes including me. He then said that his concert at AX was more sweet and cute but tonight would have a more dark and gothic feel.

"I hope that's okay!" He said, awe.

Finally he introduced the next song, "Taboo"! My new favorite song! "Dance with me?" Kaya asked charmingly and we all cheered in agreement.

Kaya's performance of "Taboo" had to be the absolute highlight of the night for me for two main reasons; one, it was so much fun and I could tell Kaya was having fun too! His smile and energy seemed to only illuminate the party atmosphere even more. With no chairs around I could really move and dance like I wanted to. It's hard not to resist the beat of this song because like I said it's very infectious! I was lost in the music and I'm sure I was not the only one.

And two, many times during the song Kaya would move and dance around the stage in different places, letting the fans touch his hands. At one point I was so caught up in the music that I did not realize that Kaya was directly in front of me! And just as I realized it he looked right at me, smiled and then actually reached out and cupped my cheek with his free hand!! My breath was practically knocked out of me, I could not believe that had just happened! The girls next to me squealed teasingly afterward and I was left completely red in the face for the rest of the song (and evening for that matter. >_<). It was an enthralling performance but toward the end the music stopped very abruptly. Kaya was very confused to why but I admit the abruptness was kind of funny. It was a technical difficulty but they managed to fix it seconds later and Kaya finished off the song perfectly.

The next song was "Epicurean" and then "Salome". With the latter song Kaya amazed me with the way he sang and the way he moved, lots of graceful spins and waves of his hands mixed with equally as many elaborate though abrupt movements where he pulled his body this was and that in a rather complex though elegant seduction. When he sang the high note at the end of the song it practically sent chills down my spine! He pointed the mic in our direction and appeared to clearly relish our excitement and how we all screamed for him and the excitement only skyrocked when the intro to the next song began to play: "Rose Jail"!!!

A thoroughly intense and erotic song, "Rose Jail" is the one and only Kaya song I've always wanted to "experience" live and Kaya did not disappoint!" He sang and moved with such aggression and erotic power and practically demanded for our voices.

"More! More! Call my name!" He would scream to us.

I don't think I could have screamed louder but he continued to demand for more. "Do you love me? DO YOU LOVE ME?!" It was as though he had complete control over everyone watch him.

Many times Kaya would come very close to the audience again, grabbing people's hands and even kissing/biting their fingers! Another enthralling performance. Kaya ended the performance with another intense scream and pulled back from the audience, falling gracefully to his knees. The next and final song was "Chocolat", a sweet yet far cry from his previous performance. Toward the end Kaya pointed the mic toward us again and was grinning to the point of tears as we sang the lyrics back to him. "Arigato!!" So much happiness in his voice, it was the most perfect way to end his set! Kaya waved to us all and with a sweet "I love you!" left the stage. But there was little time to rest because soon afterward it was time for Moon Stream to take the stage!

What can I say about their show that I have not already said many times over? Their set was awesome and any lost energy I had returned quickly as soon as their set began. I was able to fully enjoy every song they played. When their set was over I felt like the night could not get any better but I was wrong.

After Moon Stream left the stage the audience began screaming for an encore. When they came back, Satsuki called out for Kaya and Kaya appeared on staged dressed in his Chocolat dress! Then then announced that they had worked on a collaboration for this show! How cool is that?! "I wonder which song they want to hear." Satsuki asked teasingly. We all called out our choices and the song they sang first was "Glitter Arch" with Tomo, Poel and RAANEN accompanying on their instruments.

It was such an incredible performance, Kaya ans Satsuki took turns singing the lyrics and I must say "Glitter Arch" really, REALLY suits Satsuki's voice! They seemed to be having fun with the performance too. I really enjoyed it, though by the end my arms were fully numb from waving them around; lmao! After "Glitter Arch" they performed "Romance" and again Kaya and Satsuki took turns singing. It was wonderful. Seeing two of my most favorite vocalists on the same stage together and singing together, an absolute dream come true.

But sadly like all dreams, it had to end and that was the last song of the night. Kaya and Moon Stream left the stage and I met up with David again for the autograph session which was a few minutes later. I was not nearly as nervous about meeting Kaya this time and I actually managed to speak to him a little. I told Kaya that the show was amazing and that he did a great job.

"You are so pretty!" I added at the last moment and Satsuki actually agreed with me and added "Yes, very beautiful!" much to Kaya's delight. He grinned adorably and said "Thank you!", shaking my hand. Then I got to meet Moon Stream again, they were so nice as always and Satsuki liked how I was wearing his fan shirt. All in all, an extremely satisfying evening! ^.^

Last page of my Kaya "Nocturne" photobook, Kaya signed it for me!

A gift for Amanda! :-3

We left soon after and David dropped me off at the Marriott LAX where I spent the night, I left the next day. And that was Anime Expo 2013, considering how much trouble it took for me to make it there in the first place, I must say it was a very fun weekend and I'm happy I was able to go after all. But that is the LAST TIME EVER that I go to two cons within a month's time, for the sake of my health and wallet! XD

While I did say at the beginning that I am planning on trying to go to PMX, I'm still not sure for many reasons but I won't be upset too much if I don't. I've already decided to make another trip to Cali next year to see my friends there again, when it will be I'm still not sure. My next con for certain though is Anime USA next week. I'm looking forward to going back after a 2 yer hiatus. :)

Yours Jasmine