Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014 Part III Saturday and Sunday

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the slight delay, I’ve been quite sick these last few days. I’m still a little groggy but well enough now to write so time to continue with the last part of my Anime Matsuri report.

Honestly, Saturday was rather uneventful, to say the least. Due to the tea party selling out quickly and mixed messages/miscommunication between me and AM staff before the con about if press could go to the tea parties or not (that weren’t resolved until AFTER all tickets were conveniently sold out) I ended up not going to either Saturday nor Sunday’s tea party. This was extremely heartbreaking to the point I began crying a bit because I had so much fun at last years tea party and I had been working on my Saturday coord since December of last year and I felt that it somewhat went to waste because few saw it and I spent most of Saturday up in the room with my other friends who did not go to the tea party neither.

I also really wanted to meet Akira. And meet Midori again too, but by this point it was confirmed that I would not meet either of them at all this weekend unless I was lucky…which I was not. After a few tears I soon cheered up, thanks to my friends making me feel better and giving me some perspective.

And Saturday was not a complete waste. After Ari came back from the tea party (the only one of us who managed to get a ticket! XD) she, Dani, our other friend Imani and I decided to do a mini photoshoot in our beautiful outfits. I was feeling slightly down again for some unknown reason but I was revived after seeing how beautiful the pics came out! Imani is such a good photographer! Wish she lived closer to me and could shoot me more often!

My favorite shot! <3 

That was one of the last things we did before it was time to get ready for the evening, Nightmare’s concert would be that night! We changed, got food, and then went to this awesome grocerty store unlike anything we have back in Maryland!  It was literally nothing but wine, beer, sprits and fine foods like fancy cheeses, sweets, etc. My friends got lots of booze but sadly I had to miss out on the getting drunk with them because by the time we returned to the hotel it was nearly time for the Nightmare concert…well…that is…according to the schedule!

At exactly 9:49 I returned to the GRB to see the start of a line beginning from the entrance and seeming to go into oblivion! LOL! I figured that was the line for the concert so I just followed it to the beginning, which seemed to take forever to reach. On my way I ran into some of the others and they told me that they had given up cause it had been so long and apparently the doors had not opened yet. This began to worry me because there was SUPPOSED to be an opening act before Nightmare that I did not want to stand for if I didn’t have to.

When I finally made it to the front of the line I saw the con co-chair and asked him straight up if Nightmare would be going on at 10 as scheduled. I don’t know if he just did not hear me exactly or what but he looked me dead in the eye and said yes they would but they didn’t! Eyeshine was first and after them were (extremely oddly) the final 2 or AM idol. I really did not mind this but I did not like being misled.

To make matters worse there was absolutely NO barrier! So basically I had to endure 3 ½ hours of people pushing and shoving at me trying to get to the stage. I tolerated this though. I only lost my temper when, in an attempt to get to the other side of the stage to take better pics of guitarist Hitsugi I was shoved so violently that I nearly fell to the floor twice and once pushed into a mosh pit! I got out of it quickly enough but I was NOT amused. But despite all this logistical bull I ended up having a great time once it was all said and done and Nightmare were awesome! I returned back to the room a little shy of 2am and collapsed into bed.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend! After a surprisingly quick recovery from the previous night, I got dressed and me and Timeeka went down to the dealers room, Mika joined us soon enough. Timeeka looked so beautiful and regal in her 18th century morning gown and Mika was wearing boystyle and looked so handsome! Suprisingly this was the day that I had the most photos taken of myself, Timeeka thinks it’s because we had such a handsome fellow (i.e. Mika) on our arm. I think she’s right! XD

Very nice girl I met near the BABY booth, we are wearing the same JSK and bow! Except her’s are in the pink colorway.

We went back to the BABY booth for a moment and we noticed a very adorable Asian girl dressed in head to toe BABY kind of straightening things up and moving things around slightly like a shop girl. I thought she looked extremely familiar, I was 99% sure she was Rin chan, BABY’s top shop staff at their branch in Mauri One. (I know way too much about these things! XD). But I still wasn’t sure so I just decided to ask her “Rin chan desu ka?” “Hai!” she replied in her adorable doll-like voice. I was thrilled and immediately asked for a picture to which she cheerfully agreed. She adored the Usakumya chan I was carrying, also dressed in black and white, twinning me almost. <3

She is such a dear and meeting her made me so happy! It almost made up for me not meeting Akira nor Midori all weekend. 

Me and Masumi, I really like the dress she’s wearing!

After leaving the BABY booth we met up with Ari who had just gotten out of the Sunday tea party. We went over to her friend Kammie’s booth, Kammie runs the popular accessory/wig store Minty Mix and she’s very sweet. She gave me this cute drawing promoting their local comm., the NOLA Lolitas. 

I kind of like to think of NOLA Lolitas as my kind of “spirit comm.” Because the majority of my actual lolita friends are in the NOLA comm. And I get along with them better than my own comm’s lolitas. I think if I actually did live in North Louisiana, I would be a much more social loli. XD

In any case afterward we walked around more. We were at the Putumayo booth when one of our friends quickly rushed to us to inform us that Akira and Midori were currently meeting with fans at the BABY booth! And just like bees to nectar we were off and on that! Sadly I think we came a little too late. A line was formed but some other people kept cutting in front of us or started a totally different line all together. Akira and Midori only stayed for a moment before they left, cutely waving goodbye. This was extremely frustrating, so close and yet so far away! But I’m sure they were probably quite tired so it’s okay, Akira did aknowlage Mika’s boystyle coord and that made her very happy. <3

The last thing we did before returning to the room was, at Ari’s request, visit the Dolluxe booth (Gothic Lolita Wigs/Rockstar Wigs/Cosplay Wigs USA and Dolluxe lashes). I love their wigs and lashes and about 90 % of my wigs come from them but I really did not want to go to their booth for various reasons I will not get into here. Eh. In any case, Ari was invited at the last minute to some kind of GLW after party later that evening and at the last minute I was too! I was very shocked but excited too! It was a big confidence boost that, honestly, I really needed at that moment. I looked forward to going.

Sadly that was the last thing we did before leaving the con for the last time. Even sadder, Dani, Mika and Imani had to go home. I was sad to see them all go, I really hope I can see them at least once more this year, maybe at AUSA this October for my birthday.

I took a quick nap and then woke to get ready for this party Ari and I were invited to, I really wish I had gotten a shot of my outfit for that evening since I put so much work into it taking extra care into making sure everything looked perfect. But alas, I have only this selfie! XD

We left sometime around 8, but right as we were exiting the elevator guess who comes right around the cornor and passes us? That’s right! Akira, Midori, Misako and all of the BABY staff people! That was awesome! XD

In any case, the place was not too far away from the hotel. The occasion was the birthday of GLW’s founder/CEO. All in all it was a rather fun event but I confess I felt rather shy and a little out of place for the first half because nearly all of the GLW muses were sitting with us, they are know for modeling in different jfashion shows around the country (AM included) and generally always being beautiful and stylish. Compared to all of them I’m rather plain and well….just a potato! A kawaii potato chan (the nickname Ari gave me! XD)! I warmed up to the others a little bit more eventually and even made a few friends, after I stopped cursing myself in my head and gained the courage to talk to people a bit more. I really need to get a grip on my self hate if I’m ever to get further in Jfashion. But like I said I had a pretty fun time. I hope that I can see some of them at any of the other cons I’m attending this year.

Instead of a birthday cake, there were birthday cookies! These were almost too adorable to eat!

We went back to our hotel around 11ish. Due to unseasonal snow back home my flight was delayed by two hours. After some horrifying turbulence and winds and a slightly rocky landing, I made it home to a snow covered Baltimore sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon Monday. EVERYONE PLEASE STOP SINGING THAT DAMN SONG FROM FROZEN PLEASE!!! Can’t you guys see that that song is some kind of spell for more and more winter weather and spring won’t come in full until you guys get over yourselves?! XD

Seriously though…

And that was Anime Matsuri 2014 for me. All in all it was a lot of fun and I was so happy to reunite with my second family, my con family! My convention season has just began though, next stop will be, if all goes well, Anime Next this June. My last con of the year shall be AUSA in October and I really hope we can all meet again for this con before very likely not seeing each other until our big Japan trip. 

December 2015 is too far away. 

My coord on Saturday, I love this print, it is so airy and soft, like the wings of an angel!

Dress and headpiece: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights Blouse and Gloves: Off Brand
Shoes: Antaina

And my Sunday coord! Went completely old school BABY style. This style needs to make a comeback!

JSK, headbow, and black bunny ~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks ~ Secret Shop
Shoes ~ Bodyline

Yours Jasmine

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014 ~ Part II Jfashion Show

Hello everyone!

And now to continue with the rest of Friday evening, the jfashion show. I was really looking forward to it because in the months before AM, they were really hyping it up to be their best fashion show yet. In the weeks before AM though I was feeling kind of down about not being selected for it yet again, I quickly came to terms with it though and decided to not let it depress me anymore. I have decided to resume my desire to loose 20 pounds and won’t apply for anymore modeling opportunities until that goal is reached. Maybe then I will have a better chance at my dreams.

In any case, what made this fashion show awesome was not only the fact that Akira and Reika were also in it (!!!) but also because it was more like a story/play than just a fashion show with everyone playing a different role. The story was called “Once Upon a Wish”.

Selfie before the fashion show!

I had a swell spot in line, however the show was nearly 2 hours late. I really did not want to skip this event so I just waited it out until finally we were let in. It seems like I was not the only one stoked to see Reika and Akira; many of the people sitting around me were also excited and I literally went on with the girl next to me for about 5 minutes back and fourth about just how awesome Reika is! XD After a brief speech from the convention co-chair the show started.

This lovely lady appeared on stage and acted as the storyteller for the show. 

She began by telling us about the lovely Princess Isabelle (played by Midori) and how dispite the fact that the kingdom that she lived in was a peaceful one, she was never allowed outside the walls of her castle because her father the king feared for her safety. Thus she had no friends. How sad! 

Because Princess Isabelle was never allowed outside the castle the only friends she had were in her dreams. So at 10pm each night when she fell asleep she was transported into another world inhabited by 3 different types of inhabitants: elves, pirates, and fairies.

After the introduction there was a brief silk performance by Cirque du Soleil star Mai Yamamoto, it was amazing! 

Elves were represented by the brand Putumayo. 

Pirates were represented by Alice and the Pirates, of course! After the pirates had their walk down the runway, there was a great eruption of cheers and screams as a very elegant, princely figure glided onto the stage. Reika! It was Reika!

My heart skipped so many beats as she made her walk, she looked absolutely stunning and surely won the hearts of all those watching. Her character was Prince Tristan who fell in love with Princess Isabelle and vice versa. It was so sweet. <3

 But of course it would not be a good story without conflict. Just when things were going perfectly for the princess, a band of bandits, let by this guy, came on stage and immediately broke the prince and princess apart!

There was so much suspense and was kind of hoping that maybe Akira or Misako would sweep in at the last minute and save them, yeah…no! All of a sudden the lead bandit pulled out a pistol and I got so scared, I held my breath and clutched by necklace as the bandit pointed the pistol to Prince Tristan AND SHOT HIM!

There was a collective of gasps and afew shrieks when the prince fell and the princess began to grieve. This dream was quickly becoming one hell of a nightmare! Just like that the other AATP pirates appeared led by none other than Akira! 

She’s so regal and beautiful! And oh, so sexy! *O*

They drove off the bandits but they were too late. The pirates mourned the loss of their comrade and carried him (eh, her…lol) off wrapped in an AATP flag, leaving Princess Isabelle to grieve the loss of her dear love, and to wake from the dream.

After afew moments the fairies appeared, represented by Baby the Stars Shine Bright and led by none other than Misako Aoki! 

Once the fairies had their walk Midori appeared again in a new, bridal style dress. She fell asleep and Misako approached her, as if to give her something. The princess awoke to see all the fairies surrounding her and also, Prince Tristan! I guess Misako’s magic brought him back to life? Either way it made me incredibly happy to see the two of them reunited, even if this is all taking place in a dream. 

Not a good pic! Forgive me! >__<

That was the end more or less, afterward one of the models for BTSSB appeared and sang “Let it Go” from Frozen as the credits rolled and all the other models and designers came back on stage to take their bows. Honestly this was the only thing I did not like about the fashion show because honestly that song is so ridiculously overdone that the fact that it’s actually a pretty good song means nothing now because of how beat to death it is. Also it didn’t really fit the story at all in my opinion, it was like they just decided to add that simply because the song is popular and no other reason. The girl has a nice voice though.

It was an amazing show, unlike any fashion show I’ve ever seen! Everything was so perfect, the clothes, the story, the music, everything! It made me even more determined to get my butt in shape for next year. Loose as much weight as I can, polish up my coords and network the hell out of my modeling page so I may have a chance in taking part in whatever amazingness AM has in store for next years jfashion show.

After that I met up with Ari and Mika and we quickly went to line up for a photo op with Reika in her Prince Tristan coord. I was so nervous I let her go before me! Lmao! My knees were actually shaking when I walked up to Reika and very taken back at how gorgeous her outfit was. She pulls ouji style off so well! 

I love this picture! And Reika was so sweet and has such a cute smile. I think it’s safe to say now that… I have kind of a girl crush on her! Can you blame me though?! ;;XD

I returned to my room feeling absolutely lighter than air, much to the amusement to everyone else in the room! Lol! And that was Friday. I will finish up about Saturday and Sunday in my next post! Look forward to it! :-)

Yours Jasmine

Friday, March 21, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014 ~ Part I Prelude and Friday

Hello everyone!

Well as promised, here is my report on my adventures at Anime Matsuri last week. This was my third time attending but honestly it may very well be my last for many reasons. Anime Matsuri has always been a con I looked forward to no mater the year because the 3 times I attended they NEVER failed to deliver an amazing lineup of guests and events, jfashion and jrock alike. This year was no different with BABY and AATP in attendance along with brand Putumayo, and models Misako, Midori AND Akira (!!!) too. Also Nightmare as their musical guest AND my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Japanese cosplayer Reika!

So with this amazing lineup you would think my good time would be assured right? Well it was, 1000 times fold thanks mostly to my wonderful friends and the good company I had surrounding me all weekend. The con itself…yeah…not so much. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to complain but AM is such an awesome con for me that I really hope they can improve next year. So just to name afew of the most daunting gripes I had:

  • I DID NOT meet Akira even though that was one of the main reasons I went to AM this year.
  • No tea party tickets (or autograph/photo ops) were sold at the door this year, which is the only way I was able to attend both parties last year. Things got sold out rather quickly too with little to no prior notice.
  • EVERYTHING was 2+ hours late!
  • Because of which many things on the schedule were switched around/added on at the very last minute with little to no notice again.
  • Staff were absolutely incompetent and were as unsure about things as we were.
  • I was press this year at the last minute but that didn’t mean anything for reasons I will get into later in this report.
  • Lines! Lines! And more lines!

Like I said Anime Matsuri is my most favorite con so I really hope they can improve in 2015, especially since after that con I will be taking an indefinite break from con-hopping in order to focus on saving to go to Japan with a few close friends in December of next year, among other more important things. But enough of the bad, onto the good now! XD

I decided to wear lolita on the early morning train ride to the airport and on the flight to Houston. This was my first time in a long time that I wore full sweet lolita, surprisingly I got many compliments in the airport and a little girl in my boarding group thought I looked like a fairy. Awww. The flight was quick and painless and before I knew it I was in Texas! 

All my alpacas stacked on top of each other; my newest large alpaca Rosemary, Shirayuki, and the little one peeking at the top with red glasses is Sweet-Jazz Gabrielle. 

I met up with my friends and we went to the hotel, there was tons of time to kill before it was time to get badges so we just caught up on things, reminisced, watched trashy afternoon television and of course, made lots of inside jokes! Later we went to the pool. At around 5 we all got our badges, and then went back to our room for dinner. That was Thursday pretty much.

Friday was when things began getting fun! There was a crazy long line for the dealer’s hall unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! So I spend the first part of Friday taking pictures around the con before the line to go into the dealer’s hall finally died down and we could go in. 

First stop was, of course, the BTSSB booth!

BABY on a BMW!! So much need! This brings the term “brandwhore” to a whole new level!

I would love to do this on my first car! XD

The backdrop of the booth, a beautiful picture of Midori with Reika! *sigh*

There was a lot of stuff there compared to last year. I purchased a few new accessories, a pair of socks and a special gift for Kitty back home. I hope she likes it! ;) After we were done there we went over to the Putumayo booth, designer Hasegawa san was there meeting with attendees and I got to take a picture with him. He was quite happy to see me wearing one of his dresses!

Another real smile, that has been happening a lot more often recently. <3

And just afew random selfies of me and my friends:

Me and my friend Dani, I loved her coord!

Me and Timeeka!

Me and Mika, really wish Kitty could have joined us. ;O;

Soon after that I met up with a new friend/another member of VKH and we went to Nightmare’s Q&A along with Mika and our other friend Ari. This was the first event I went to that weekend and the first to be crazy late. We were seated in decent enough time (about 15 minutes late but nothing serious) but we were just sitting there with no hint that the panel would start anytime soon, for nearly an hour! We were about to leave when FINALLY the band appeared. The Q&A was pretty nice, except Mika really wanted to ask a question but the moderator kept ignoring her until near the end. Not cool, not cool at all! :-/

After that bit of fun Mika and Ari went off to find where Nightmare’s photo op would be and I left to get ready to change for the jfashion show. Unlike other fashion shows in the past, I was actually really looking forward to seeing this one! I will write about that in my next post, mainly because I took many photos and I want to share them all! Also the fashion show itself was very exciting and cool that it will probably take a whole separate post to describe it all like I want to! And so, stay tuned! XD

My outfit for Friday, alpaca love! <3

OP ~ Putumayo
Chest and hair accessory ~ Taobao
Bag ~ Alice and the Pirates
Tights ~ Offbrand
Shoes ~ Bodyline

Yours Jasmine

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still Alive ~ One Week ‘till Anime Matsuri!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, has it really been five months since I updated last?! I’m so ashamed!! >__<

Well here I am, five months later and three months into the new year. I promise I will make a more conscious effort to write more this year. A lot of the reason I did not write much last year is partially because of laziness and partially because I was dealing with a lot of drama and depression last year, things I dread talking about here.

I am a lot better now and hopefully it will stay that way for a while. The last few months of 2013 were not very eventful besides a few of the following highlights:

Right after my last post I did indeed go Anime USA. In the days before I was extremely distressed for personal reasons but it ended up having an insanely great time! I met some new people and reconnected with friends I had not talked to for years. It was a great weekend. If you were there you may have spotted me in the dealers room at the Katsucon booth passing out flyers and telling people about the con. I staffed with them again this year too and it was very enjoyable, so was being at the booth! I hope to do more with them in the future!

A few weeks afterward I went to AWA with Mauti and Timeeka for my birthday, it was another great time. One of the highlights had to be meeting Misako Aoki on Friday. I was surprised when she said she remembered me from Anime Matsuri last year! I was kind of disappointed though that I did not get a chance to meet Putumayo designer Shunsuke Hasegawa while there. But he will be at Anime Matsuri this year along with BABY and AATP so I will have my chance then! ^.^

I started writing for a jrock/jfashion website called Visual Kei Heaven. So far I only have one article up there and am not yet an official member of their staff yet, but hopefully soon. I hope to improve my writing from this experience.

I got a cat, an adorable little tabby boy I named Jasper! He’s 11 months old now and I love him so, so, SO much! He loves to follow me everywhere and is quite the little attention whore sometimes! But he is my baby, my sweet little fur baby! >^w^<

I did not move out like I had intended but I have found a new sense of home where I am now. Also I finally began to get an idea of what I want out of life and the future. 

And last but probably best of all, after about 5 years of drooling over it on the internet, I FINALLY succeded in buying my ultimate dream dress: MEMORIAL CAKE!! I did not get black like I had originally wanted but I am just as happy with sax. Like I said before I kind of want to start wearing more light colors anyway and since I already have a lot of black and otherwise dark colors in my closet I decided on a pastel. I love it so much and it’s even more beautiful than I ever would have dreamed in person. I look forward to wearing it finally!!! <3

And so, that is what I have been up to lately. This year I also plan to go to many cons and meetups, it will give me a lot to write about here! Starting first with Anime Matsuri next week! I am very excited and look forward to seeing all of my friends again from last year. It will be wonderful! 

Before I end this, I leave a pic of one of my favorite coords from 2013, taken at Tigercon last October. I don’t know why but this pic got the highest amounts of likes/reblogs out of any coord I’ve ever posted on Tumblr! It’s not even my best but it makes me happy either way!

Yours Jasmine