Friday, March 21, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014 ~ Part I Prelude and Friday

Hello everyone!

Well as promised, here is my report on my adventures at Anime Matsuri last week. This was my third time attending but honestly it may very well be my last for many reasons. Anime Matsuri has always been a con I looked forward to no mater the year because the 3 times I attended they NEVER failed to deliver an amazing lineup of guests and events, jfashion and jrock alike. This year was no different with BABY and AATP in attendance along with brand Putumayo, and models Misako, Midori AND Akira (!!!) too. Also Nightmare as their musical guest AND my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Japanese cosplayer Reika!

So with this amazing lineup you would think my good time would be assured right? Well it was, 1000 times fold thanks mostly to my wonderful friends and the good company I had surrounding me all weekend. The con itself…yeah…not so much. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to complain but AM is such an awesome con for me that I really hope they can improve next year. So just to name afew of the most daunting gripes I had:

  • I DID NOT meet Akira even though that was one of the main reasons I went to AM this year.
  • No tea party tickets (or autograph/photo ops) were sold at the door this year, which is the only way I was able to attend both parties last year. Things got sold out rather quickly too with little to no prior notice.
  • EVERYTHING was 2+ hours late!
  • Because of which many things on the schedule were switched around/added on at the very last minute with little to no notice again.
  • Staff were absolutely incompetent and were as unsure about things as we were.
  • I was press this year at the last minute but that didn’t mean anything for reasons I will get into later in this report.
  • Lines! Lines! And more lines!

Like I said Anime Matsuri is my most favorite con so I really hope they can improve in 2015, especially since after that con I will be taking an indefinite break from con-hopping in order to focus on saving to go to Japan with a few close friends in December of next year, among other more important things. But enough of the bad, onto the good now! XD

I decided to wear lolita on the early morning train ride to the airport and on the flight to Houston. This was my first time in a long time that I wore full sweet lolita, surprisingly I got many compliments in the airport and a little girl in my boarding group thought I looked like a fairy. Awww. The flight was quick and painless and before I knew it I was in Texas! 

All my alpacas stacked on top of each other; my newest large alpaca Rosemary, Shirayuki, and the little one peeking at the top with red glasses is Sweet-Jazz Gabrielle. 

I met up with my friends and we went to the hotel, there was tons of time to kill before it was time to get badges so we just caught up on things, reminisced, watched trashy afternoon television and of course, made lots of inside jokes! Later we went to the pool. At around 5 we all got our badges, and then went back to our room for dinner. That was Thursday pretty much.

Friday was when things began getting fun! There was a crazy long line for the dealer’s hall unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! So I spend the first part of Friday taking pictures around the con before the line to go into the dealer’s hall finally died down and we could go in. 

First stop was, of course, the BTSSB booth!

BABY on a BMW!! So much need! This brings the term “brandwhore” to a whole new level!

I would love to do this on my first car! XD

The backdrop of the booth, a beautiful picture of Midori with Reika! *sigh*

There was a lot of stuff there compared to last year. I purchased a few new accessories, a pair of socks and a special gift for Kitty back home. I hope she likes it! ;) After we were done there we went over to the Putumayo booth, designer Hasegawa san was there meeting with attendees and I got to take a picture with him. He was quite happy to see me wearing one of his dresses!

Another real smile, that has been happening a lot more often recently. <3

And just afew random selfies of me and my friends:

Me and my friend Dani, I loved her coord!

Me and Timeeka!

Me and Mika, really wish Kitty could have joined us. ;O;

Soon after that I met up with a new friend/another member of VKH and we went to Nightmare’s Q&A along with Mika and our other friend Ari. This was the first event I went to that weekend and the first to be crazy late. We were seated in decent enough time (about 15 minutes late but nothing serious) but we were just sitting there with no hint that the panel would start anytime soon, for nearly an hour! We were about to leave when FINALLY the band appeared. The Q&A was pretty nice, except Mika really wanted to ask a question but the moderator kept ignoring her until near the end. Not cool, not cool at all! :-/

After that bit of fun Mika and Ari went off to find where Nightmare’s photo op would be and I left to get ready to change for the jfashion show. Unlike other fashion shows in the past, I was actually really looking forward to seeing this one! I will write about that in my next post, mainly because I took many photos and I want to share them all! Also the fashion show itself was very exciting and cool that it will probably take a whole separate post to describe it all like I want to! And so, stay tuned! XD

My outfit for Friday, alpaca love! <3

OP ~ Putumayo
Chest and hair accessory ~ Taobao
Bag ~ Alice and the Pirates
Tights ~ Offbrand
Shoes ~ Bodyline

Yours Jasmine

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