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Anime Matsuri 2014 ~ Part II Jfashion Show

Hello everyone!

And now to continue with the rest of Friday evening, the jfashion show. I was really looking forward to it because in the months before AM, they were really hyping it up to be their best fashion show yet. In the weeks before AM though I was feeling kind of down about not being selected for it yet again, I quickly came to terms with it though and decided to not let it depress me anymore. I have decided to resume my desire to loose 20 pounds and won’t apply for anymore modeling opportunities until that goal is reached. Maybe then I will have a better chance at my dreams.

In any case, what made this fashion show awesome was not only the fact that Akira and Reika were also in it (!!!) but also because it was more like a story/play than just a fashion show with everyone playing a different role. The story was called “Once Upon a Wish”.

Selfie before the fashion show!

I had a swell spot in line, however the show was nearly 2 hours late. I really did not want to skip this event so I just waited it out until finally we were let in. It seems like I was not the only one stoked to see Reika and Akira; many of the people sitting around me were also excited and I literally went on with the girl next to me for about 5 minutes back and fourth about just how awesome Reika is! XD After a brief speech from the convention co-chair the show started.

This lovely lady appeared on stage and acted as the storyteller for the show. 

She began by telling us about the lovely Princess Isabelle (played by Midori) and how dispite the fact that the kingdom that she lived in was a peaceful one, she was never allowed outside the walls of her castle because her father the king feared for her safety. Thus she had no friends. How sad! 

Because Princess Isabelle was never allowed outside the castle the only friends she had were in her dreams. So at 10pm each night when she fell asleep she was transported into another world inhabited by 3 different types of inhabitants: elves, pirates, and fairies.

After the introduction there was a brief silk performance by Cirque du Soleil star Mai Yamamoto, it was amazing! 

Elves were represented by the brand Putumayo. 

Pirates were represented by Alice and the Pirates, of course! After the pirates had their walk down the runway, there was a great eruption of cheers and screams as a very elegant, princely figure glided onto the stage. Reika! It was Reika!

My heart skipped so many beats as she made her walk, she looked absolutely stunning and surely won the hearts of all those watching. Her character was Prince Tristan who fell in love with Princess Isabelle and vice versa. It was so sweet. <3

 But of course it would not be a good story without conflict. Just when things were going perfectly for the princess, a band of bandits, let by this guy, came on stage and immediately broke the prince and princess apart!

There was so much suspense and was kind of hoping that maybe Akira or Misako would sweep in at the last minute and save them, yeah…no! All of a sudden the lead bandit pulled out a pistol and I got so scared, I held my breath and clutched by necklace as the bandit pointed the pistol to Prince Tristan AND SHOT HIM!

There was a collective of gasps and afew shrieks when the prince fell and the princess began to grieve. This dream was quickly becoming one hell of a nightmare! Just like that the other AATP pirates appeared led by none other than Akira! 

She’s so regal and beautiful! And oh, so sexy! *O*

They drove off the bandits but they were too late. The pirates mourned the loss of their comrade and carried him (eh, her…lol) off wrapped in an AATP flag, leaving Princess Isabelle to grieve the loss of her dear love, and to wake from the dream.

After afew moments the fairies appeared, represented by Baby the Stars Shine Bright and led by none other than Misako Aoki! 

Once the fairies had their walk Midori appeared again in a new, bridal style dress. She fell asleep and Misako approached her, as if to give her something. The princess awoke to see all the fairies surrounding her and also, Prince Tristan! I guess Misako’s magic brought him back to life? Either way it made me incredibly happy to see the two of them reunited, even if this is all taking place in a dream. 

Not a good pic! Forgive me! >__<

That was the end more or less, afterward one of the models for BTSSB appeared and sang “Let it Go” from Frozen as the credits rolled and all the other models and designers came back on stage to take their bows. Honestly this was the only thing I did not like about the fashion show because honestly that song is so ridiculously overdone that the fact that it’s actually a pretty good song means nothing now because of how beat to death it is. Also it didn’t really fit the story at all in my opinion, it was like they just decided to add that simply because the song is popular and no other reason. The girl has a nice voice though.

It was an amazing show, unlike any fashion show I’ve ever seen! Everything was so perfect, the clothes, the story, the music, everything! It made me even more determined to get my butt in shape for next year. Loose as much weight as I can, polish up my coords and network the hell out of my modeling page so I may have a chance in taking part in whatever amazingness AM has in store for next years jfashion show.

After that I met up with Ari and Mika and we quickly went to line up for a photo op with Reika in her Prince Tristan coord. I was so nervous I let her go before me! Lmao! My knees were actually shaking when I walked up to Reika and very taken back at how gorgeous her outfit was. She pulls ouji style off so well! 

I love this picture! And Reika was so sweet and has such a cute smile. I think it’s safe to say now that… I have kind of a girl crush on her! Can you blame me though?! ;;XD

I returned to my room feeling absolutely lighter than air, much to the amusement to everyone else in the room! Lol! And that was Friday. I will finish up about Saturday and Sunday in my next post! Look forward to it! :-)

Yours Jasmine

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