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Anime Matsuri 2014 Part III Saturday and Sunday

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the slight delay, I’ve been quite sick these last few days. I’m still a little groggy but well enough now to write so time to continue with the last part of my Anime Matsuri report.

Honestly, Saturday was rather uneventful, to say the least. Due to the tea party selling out quickly and mixed messages/miscommunication between me and AM staff before the con about if press could go to the tea parties or not (that weren’t resolved until AFTER all tickets were conveniently sold out) I ended up not going to either Saturday nor Sunday’s tea party. This was extremely heartbreaking to the point I began crying a bit because I had so much fun at last years tea party and I had been working on my Saturday coord since December of last year and I felt that it somewhat went to waste because few saw it and I spent most of Saturday up in the room with my other friends who did not go to the tea party neither.

I also really wanted to meet Akira. And meet Midori again too, but by this point it was confirmed that I would not meet either of them at all this weekend unless I was lucky…which I was not. After a few tears I soon cheered up, thanks to my friends making me feel better and giving me some perspective.

And Saturday was not a complete waste. After Ari came back from the tea party (the only one of us who managed to get a ticket! XD) she, Dani, our other friend Imani and I decided to do a mini photoshoot in our beautiful outfits. I was feeling slightly down again for some unknown reason but I was revived after seeing how beautiful the pics came out! Imani is such a good photographer! Wish she lived closer to me and could shoot me more often!

My favorite shot! <3 

That was one of the last things we did before it was time to get ready for the evening, Nightmare’s concert would be that night! We changed, got food, and then went to this awesome grocerty store unlike anything we have back in Maryland!  It was literally nothing but wine, beer, sprits and fine foods like fancy cheeses, sweets, etc. My friends got lots of booze but sadly I had to miss out on the getting drunk with them because by the time we returned to the hotel it was nearly time for the Nightmare concert…well…that is…according to the schedule!

At exactly 9:49 I returned to the GRB to see the start of a line beginning from the entrance and seeming to go into oblivion! LOL! I figured that was the line for the concert so I just followed it to the beginning, which seemed to take forever to reach. On my way I ran into some of the others and they told me that they had given up cause it had been so long and apparently the doors had not opened yet. This began to worry me because there was SUPPOSED to be an opening act before Nightmare that I did not want to stand for if I didn’t have to.

When I finally made it to the front of the line I saw the con co-chair and asked him straight up if Nightmare would be going on at 10 as scheduled. I don’t know if he just did not hear me exactly or what but he looked me dead in the eye and said yes they would but they didn’t! Eyeshine was first and after them were (extremely oddly) the final 2 or AM idol. I really did not mind this but I did not like being misled.

To make matters worse there was absolutely NO barrier! So basically I had to endure 3 ½ hours of people pushing and shoving at me trying to get to the stage. I tolerated this though. I only lost my temper when, in an attempt to get to the other side of the stage to take better pics of guitarist Hitsugi I was shoved so violently that I nearly fell to the floor twice and once pushed into a mosh pit! I got out of it quickly enough but I was NOT amused. But despite all this logistical bull I ended up having a great time once it was all said and done and Nightmare were awesome! I returned back to the room a little shy of 2am and collapsed into bed.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend! After a surprisingly quick recovery from the previous night, I got dressed and me and Timeeka went down to the dealers room, Mika joined us soon enough. Timeeka looked so beautiful and regal in her 18th century morning gown and Mika was wearing boystyle and looked so handsome! Suprisingly this was the day that I had the most photos taken of myself, Timeeka thinks it’s because we had such a handsome fellow (i.e. Mika) on our arm. I think she’s right! XD

Very nice girl I met near the BABY booth, we are wearing the same JSK and bow! Except her’s are in the pink colorway.

We went back to the BABY booth for a moment and we noticed a very adorable Asian girl dressed in head to toe BABY kind of straightening things up and moving things around slightly like a shop girl. I thought she looked extremely familiar, I was 99% sure she was Rin chan, BABY’s top shop staff at their branch in Mauri One. (I know way too much about these things! XD). But I still wasn’t sure so I just decided to ask her “Rin chan desu ka?” “Hai!” she replied in her adorable doll-like voice. I was thrilled and immediately asked for a picture to which she cheerfully agreed. She adored the Usakumya chan I was carrying, also dressed in black and white, twinning me almost. <3

She is such a dear and meeting her made me so happy! It almost made up for me not meeting Akira nor Midori all weekend. 

Me and Masumi, I really like the dress she’s wearing!

After leaving the BABY booth we met up with Ari who had just gotten out of the Sunday tea party. We went over to her friend Kammie’s booth, Kammie runs the popular accessory/wig store Minty Mix and she’s very sweet. She gave me this cute drawing promoting their local comm., the NOLA Lolitas. 

I kind of like to think of NOLA Lolitas as my kind of “spirit comm.” Because the majority of my actual lolita friends are in the NOLA comm. And I get along with them better than my own comm’s lolitas. I think if I actually did live in North Louisiana, I would be a much more social loli. XD

In any case afterward we walked around more. We were at the Putumayo booth when one of our friends quickly rushed to us to inform us that Akira and Midori were currently meeting with fans at the BABY booth! And just like bees to nectar we were off and on that! Sadly I think we came a little too late. A line was formed but some other people kept cutting in front of us or started a totally different line all together. Akira and Midori only stayed for a moment before they left, cutely waving goodbye. This was extremely frustrating, so close and yet so far away! But I’m sure they were probably quite tired so it’s okay, Akira did aknowlage Mika’s boystyle coord and that made her very happy. <3

The last thing we did before returning to the room was, at Ari’s request, visit the Dolluxe booth (Gothic Lolita Wigs/Rockstar Wigs/Cosplay Wigs USA and Dolluxe lashes). I love their wigs and lashes and about 90 % of my wigs come from them but I really did not want to go to their booth for various reasons I will not get into here. Eh. In any case, Ari was invited at the last minute to some kind of GLW after party later that evening and at the last minute I was too! I was very shocked but excited too! It was a big confidence boost that, honestly, I really needed at that moment. I looked forward to going.

Sadly that was the last thing we did before leaving the con for the last time. Even sadder, Dani, Mika and Imani had to go home. I was sad to see them all go, I really hope I can see them at least once more this year, maybe at AUSA this October for my birthday.

I took a quick nap and then woke to get ready for this party Ari and I were invited to, I really wish I had gotten a shot of my outfit for that evening since I put so much work into it taking extra care into making sure everything looked perfect. But alas, I have only this selfie! XD

We left sometime around 8, but right as we were exiting the elevator guess who comes right around the cornor and passes us? That’s right! Akira, Midori, Misako and all of the BABY staff people! That was awesome! XD

In any case, the place was not too far away from the hotel. The occasion was the birthday of GLW’s founder/CEO. All in all it was a rather fun event but I confess I felt rather shy and a little out of place for the first half because nearly all of the GLW muses were sitting with us, they are know for modeling in different jfashion shows around the country (AM included) and generally always being beautiful and stylish. Compared to all of them I’m rather plain and well….just a potato! A kawaii potato chan (the nickname Ari gave me! XD)! I warmed up to the others a little bit more eventually and even made a few friends, after I stopped cursing myself in my head and gained the courage to talk to people a bit more. I really need to get a grip on my self hate if I’m ever to get further in Jfashion. But like I said I had a pretty fun time. I hope that I can see some of them at any of the other cons I’m attending this year.

Instead of a birthday cake, there were birthday cookies! These were almost too adorable to eat!

We went back to our hotel around 11ish. Due to unseasonal snow back home my flight was delayed by two hours. After some horrifying turbulence and winds and a slightly rocky landing, I made it home to a snow covered Baltimore sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon Monday. EVERYONE PLEASE STOP SINGING THAT DAMN SONG FROM FROZEN PLEASE!!! Can’t you guys see that that song is some kind of spell for more and more winter weather and spring won’t come in full until you guys get over yourselves?! XD

Seriously though…

And that was Anime Matsuri 2014 for me. All in all it was a lot of fun and I was so happy to reunite with my second family, my con family! My convention season has just began though, next stop will be, if all goes well, Anime Next this June. My last con of the year shall be AUSA in October and I really hope we can all meet again for this con before very likely not seeing each other until our big Japan trip. 

December 2015 is too far away. 

My coord on Saturday, I love this print, it is so airy and soft, like the wings of an angel!

Dress and headpiece: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights Blouse and Gloves: Off Brand
Shoes: Antaina

And my Sunday coord! Went completely old school BABY style. This style needs to make a comeback!

JSK, headbow, and black bunny ~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks ~ Secret Shop
Shoes ~ Bodyline

Yours Jasmine

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