Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still Alive ~ One Week ‘till Anime Matsuri!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, has it really been five months since I updated last?! I’m so ashamed!! >__<

Well here I am, five months later and three months into the new year. I promise I will make a more conscious effort to write more this year. A lot of the reason I did not write much last year is partially because of laziness and partially because I was dealing with a lot of drama and depression last year, things I dread talking about here.

I am a lot better now and hopefully it will stay that way for a while. The last few months of 2013 were not very eventful besides a few of the following highlights:

Right after my last post I did indeed go Anime USA. In the days before I was extremely distressed for personal reasons but it ended up having an insanely great time! I met some new people and reconnected with friends I had not talked to for years. It was a great weekend. If you were there you may have spotted me in the dealers room at the Katsucon booth passing out flyers and telling people about the con. I staffed with them again this year too and it was very enjoyable, so was being at the booth! I hope to do more with them in the future!

A few weeks afterward I went to AWA with Mauti and Timeeka for my birthday, it was another great time. One of the highlights had to be meeting Misako Aoki on Friday. I was surprised when she said she remembered me from Anime Matsuri last year! I was kind of disappointed though that I did not get a chance to meet Putumayo designer Shunsuke Hasegawa while there. But he will be at Anime Matsuri this year along with BABY and AATP so I will have my chance then! ^.^

I started writing for a jrock/jfashion website called Visual Kei Heaven. So far I only have one article up there and am not yet an official member of their staff yet, but hopefully soon. I hope to improve my writing from this experience.

I got a cat, an adorable little tabby boy I named Jasper! He’s 11 months old now and I love him so, so, SO much! He loves to follow me everywhere and is quite the little attention whore sometimes! But he is my baby, my sweet little fur baby! >^w^<

I did not move out like I had intended but I have found a new sense of home where I am now. Also I finally began to get an idea of what I want out of life and the future. 

And last but probably best of all, after about 5 years of drooling over it on the internet, I FINALLY succeded in buying my ultimate dream dress: MEMORIAL CAKE!! I did not get black like I had originally wanted but I am just as happy with sax. Like I said before I kind of want to start wearing more light colors anyway and since I already have a lot of black and otherwise dark colors in my closet I decided on a pastel. I love it so much and it’s even more beautiful than I ever would have dreamed in person. I look forward to wearing it finally!!! <3

And so, that is what I have been up to lately. This year I also plan to go to many cons and meetups, it will give me a lot to write about here! Starting first with Anime Matsuri next week! I am very excited and look forward to seeing all of my friends again from last year. It will be wonderful! 

Before I end this, I leave a pic of one of my favorite coords from 2013, taken at Tigercon last October. I don’t know why but this pic got the highest amounts of likes/reblogs out of any coord I’ve ever posted on Tumblr! It’s not even my best but it makes me happy either way!

Yours Jasmine

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