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Anime Matsuri and Nightfall 2015 Part 2 ~ Skyline Tea Party

Hello Everyone!

And now to continue, I was originally planning to wrap up all that happened at AM in one post but honestly the Skyline Tea Party was the best part of the whole con and to describe only that would take nearly 4 pages! So here is part two, my report from the tea party.

Sadly due to the new dress code rules they enforced this year and the record quickness of when the tickets sold out online, only Ari and I were able to get tickets to go. I myself initially was not able to get a ticket either until the day before my flight to Houston when a small handful of tickets became available and I bought one immediately!  I was so excited for this event which would give me an opportunity to finally meet Akira face to face as well as the AP, Meta, Putumayo and BOZ designers, shironuri goddess Minori, Misako and Midori, just to name afew!


Me and Ari about to turn heads with our fabulousness! Doesn’t she look stunning?!

Erinne and I. Day Dream Carnival is such a beautiful and dreamy print! Thank you Dani for letting me borrow it! <3

Our table!

The tea party was on the very top floor of the hotel in a very elegant and intimate space. Each of us were escorted into the room by a handsome groom and I thought that was very awesome, I felt like such a princess! While waiting for the tea party to start I got to speak briefly to Daniela Michel, the Mexican Kawaii Ambassador. I was very nervous about meeting her even though we follow each other on various social media. But she was very nice and looked so beautiful in her Meta dress! She really is a great inspiration to me as a lolita! <3

After most of the attendees were seated the tea party began, first the Kawaii Ambassadors were presented and then all the Japanese designer and model guests entered the room also escorted by grooms. Hasegawa san and the male presedent of Meta were kind of embarrassed by having to do this! It was kind of funny! And when Akira entered I thought that it looked kind of odd for her to be escorted by a groom because she was dressed in a very princely style and thought maybe it would be better if she was escorted by a cute lolita girl! LMAO!

Some of the guests at the beginning! <3

Our first course, usually I’m not one for quiche but this was very tasty!

Main course, I chose a vegetarian option this time and I was quite happy with it!

Desserts! The best part of any tea party! <3

During the tea party there was a mini fashion show where all of the designers showcased one piece that would be released soon and explained to us all what went into designing each piece.

Meta’s piece was a pink mermaid-themed dress that I absolutely adored!!! I liked it enough that I may actually try to buy it when it’s released.

AP’s piece was their new Cherry Marguerite print in red. I really like it and think it would be great for summer, but IDK how I feel about the daisy crosses along the skirt though. It’s otherwise adorable and the designers said it would be a good dress for a girl who is in love! <3

Soon after that it was announced that Minori wanted all those in shironuri to come to the center of the room and take a picture with her so I went with Ari to the center of the room and took her picture. She was so nervous but I do believe Minori really liked her and it made my heart warm. If the models were allowed to choose best dressed people, I’m certain Ari would have been Minori’s choice!

Hug! <3

Later a lovely cake was presented to the models and designers and everyone was welcome to a slice, but by this point I was too full for any cake! Then it was time for the designers to pick their choices for best dressed. My heart was so warmed by Hasegawa’s choice, a sweet girl dressed in Putumayo who had said she ha just got the dress that day and she never wins anything. Well she won Hasegawa’s approval so I’m sure that made her happy! But I was thrilled when Maki chose Erinne as her choice for best dressed! Her Day Dream Carnival coord was so lovely and she really deserved it!! <3

Finally we were allowed to walk around and approach the guests for pics and autographs and the like. It seemed like a lot of people were immediately crowding to meet Akira so Ari and I decided to wait a bit before approaching her. We met Minori and I took another picture of her with Ari. I even got a pic too! We also met with Midori, she was so incredibly sweet and complimented us both. She was wearing a black raschel lace dress with glitter in the lace that I thought looked very cute on her, it made me think differently on Meta’s raschel lace pieces cause for a while I just thought them ita as hell but Midori rocked it beautifully!

Finally we worked up the courage to approach Akira who was busy kabedon-ing some very lucky awe-struck loli’s! She does that very well it seems! I can barely describe the fluttering in my heart and the nervousness I felt when I finally got a chance to meet her without feeling embarrassed! But Akira was so sweet and gracious and seemed to really care about her fans. Ari took a picture of us together but at the very last minute though I murmured to her “ka..kabedon?” It wasn’t my plan to ask for kabedon so IDK what came over me! But she agreed. She said “Careful.” And the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a kabedon with Akira with her hand around my waist! Her eyes are very dreamy and alluring and a little bit daunting too! It gave me a strange mix of extreme embarrassment and happiness at the same time. On god, I know I sound fangirly but it was something I will never forget! Afterward I got to hug her and then Ari got a picture with her too! Sadly due to how overwhelmed I was feeling I completely forgot to give her the gift I had prepared for her! Oh well, again that will be remedied at ACEN.

I don’t care how horrid I looked at this point! I was on Cloud 9!

But someone tell her please I want my dokidoki soul back! Her eyes stole them from me!

Hahaha! XD

Here are some more pics I took with the guests:

Me with Maki and Asuka! Maki is wearing my current dream dress from AP in my favorite colorway, Marine Kingdom! I hope I can have it one day! Asuka was especially sweet and she loved that I was wearing DDC, I lost count at how many times I was called “kawaii” by them!

Another lovely picture of Ari with Minori. This is some true shironuri perfection right here!!

Me with Minori, with Midori in the backround! XD

And of course, Misako! She is always so lovely!

I love this picture! After this was taken she then had Ari take a picture of us with her phone too!

That was the last guest we got to meet. By this time Ari and I were both exhausted and overwhelmed so we left the tea party and went back to our room. Sadly, though, it was only a few hours before I had to go. I spent the last bit of my time in Houston watching jfashion videos with my friends before finally I had to board my shuttle and head back to the airport.

All things considered, it was a pretty nice weekend. But sadly this will likely be my last time I go to Anime Matsuri. It’s in February next year and very close to Katsucon. I may go to their stand alone tea party this November but right now, like I’ve said, nothing is certain. Anime Central is my next con but that will be it for a while. In the meantime though, I have a lot of stuff I need to get together with myself before I can write again. Most likely I will not be back on this blog until mid June or maybe even the start of July. But it’s for the best. I’ll still be relatively active on Tumblr though if anyone wants to message me there.

Now I’m going to do some planning for Anime Central. I hope you guys enjoyed my report of Anime Matsuri and Nightfall this year! :-)

Yours Jasmine

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