Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back from AWA, #jfashionatkatsu, and BIG traveling news!

Hello everyone!

Well, I just returned from a weekend of lots of traveling! As planned, I did attend AWA and I had a lovely time! I was so happy to spend time with Mauti, Ari and Timeeka! We had a great time together and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, understanding group of friends. The first two days were devoted to press work, if I felt like I was becoming more confident in my natural abilities at PMX, I fully feel it now! I had not one, not two but five successful interviews! I think I made a good impression too. I’m feeling so much more confident and happy and am thinking of wanting to only model less and less. I thank two people in particular for helping me realize this, no names though! >__<

The last day of the con was my birthday and I spent it in the most wonderful way! Ari and I went to a mixer party in honor of the fashion guests, the designers of Galaxxxy and the adorable model Neeko! Their fashions are very cute and colorful, quite different from the elegant lolita and romantic looks I usually go for, but nice for casual everyday wear. I felt somewhat embarrassed about wearing a honey dress but the designers and Neeko were so incredibly nice and fun! I ended up buying a Galaxxxy top and plan to buy more in the future for days when I don’t feel like being so dolled up like usual.

Even though I am home now, I can not rest, not even for a moment! True I am not traveling anymore for conventions or events this year (unless you count AUSA at the end of this month but that is hardly a trip for me) but there is so much that will happen in the next few months! Katsucon is in February and from then I will be busy promoting my new hashtag for the convention in order to get more notice to the con’s upper management that future jfashion programming would be a great investment for the convention. But that is not the biggest thing that is going to happen in the next few months:

I WILL BE TRAVELING ABROAD AGAIN!! This will be my first trip in afew years and I am so beyond excited! This time I’m going to Europe for a week to ten days, I will know exactly how long as soon as I get more details about the main event I am going to. Over the last two years I have been looking misty cow-eyed at the beautiful pictures from European lolita events, particularly the Street Fashion Europe ones and even more particularly La Vie en Rose which was in France earlier this year! I promised myself that next year I would make it a point to go to the next SFE event if the opportunity came. Well I am thrilled to say that it has come!

I am so excited because I am going to make it an absolute point to create the best coords I have ever created for this event and to be absolutely stunning and beautiful. I’ve seen that European events have a great sense of regality and making coords for the event will be difficult (especially since next years theme is “under the sea”, meaning mermaid and pirate coords will be the order of the day) but I am looking forward to the challenge! XD

Like I said, I can’t give much info at the moment about my trip until I know exactly when the SFE event will be because that is what I will center the time of my trip in Europe around. I can say though that I will be visiting two countries: The Netherlands because the event will be in Amsterdam, and afterward I will be spending time in France because of all the European countries (except maybe Italy but that will be too far) I’ve always dreamed of visiting that one the most and again I now have a reason to go! It’s going to be such a wonderful adventure that it’s almost painful knowing I still have a few months to go before I go. But I know those months will pass by quickly so I am getting ready now; since last week I have been on Polyvore and Pintrest non stop trying to come up with coords, looking at flights and also brushing up on my French language skills (I studied it back in school but since I’ve had no one to practice on I’ve become quite rusty. XD). One good thing though, I already have a mermaid dress from AATP that I can use for the event. LOL!

I will keep this blog updated with more info on my trip as it comes as well as my facebook (my fashion one, not the personal account). I would love to meet and hang out with many European lolitas while I am there and make new friends! It makes me so happy how fashion has the ability to bring many people together from all over the world. I know this trip will be amazing.

Birthday selfie! Taken right after the Galaxxxy mixer on Sunday. <3

Yours Jasmine

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