Saturday, January 21, 2017

Armageddon of Hypocrisy

I know it’s not the best title but I didn’t actually plan to post anything today. This is more like a long ass rant than anything else. Humor me please.

I have many issues with modern day activism; but namely that for every one reasonable, rational, level headed person who sees a genuine issue that needs to be remedied in our system, there are five pretentious and entitled Tumblr twats who just want to cause shit when they don’t get (what they think) they want.

From the Black Lives Matter movement to 21st century feminism, all of these movements have for the most part been damned and poisoned by the pretentious and loud jerkasses who claim to act out in their name. For this reason I can see why it would be hard for anyone on the outside to really sympathize with them. Sad as it is that’s how people tend to think these days, you are blamed and generalized based on the group you are in, even if you didn’t do anything wrong.

I have so many opinions on this recent presidential election; most of them if I were to get into them here would probably take up three pages of this blog. But for all of my thoughts, one thing I feel for certain is that in the end we have no one but ourselves to blame for Orange Man (I refuse to use his name on this blog; that is my one concession to childishness) being the president of this country. Not Russia, not the Alt Right/Neo Nazis/KKK, us. Those who were going to support Orange Man were going to do so and do whatever it took to make sure he won. It was our job to stop them. And with Bernie Sanders throwing all of his support and begging his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton and the third party candidates being woefully unprepared and unintelligent at best and paranoid pandering anti science nuts at worst, unless you voted for Hillary Clinton you had a hand in this man’s victory and he is indebted to you. Period.

But I don’t want to get into that now, not here. What I want to talk about is the fuckery that went on yesterday during the protests. While I may not always agree with it, I fully support and respect the right to peacefully assemble. This country has a long history of protest and our right to do so is one of the few things I like about this country.  It was to be expected that protests would occur tomorrow and honestly if I didn’t have to work I would have joined in the protests too.
HOWEVER, of course what should have been a demonstration of how the rational majority of this country is not happy with the corruption of the new administration was poisoned by a bunch of fucks that decided to cause shit and make the protests violent. Setting fires to cars, smashing in the windows of businesses and destroying public property. So much for progress!

This is why baby boomers and gen x’ers call us entitled and whiny. This is why progress will always come at a slow pace. Now before I continue let me say that I know that the majority of my friends and the majority of those who do protest do not fit in this category by a long shot. In fact, based on recent videos I have reason to suspect that the dipshits reeking havoc yesterday were mainly anarchists. But for some reason anyone who has the ability to express a dissenting opinion peacefully is automatically lumped together with the volatile crybabies. 

I know this is how most activism works sadly, but it still grinds my gears to no end. Because not only do these assholes drown out any reasonable discourse with their loudness, they also endanger those who do wish to protest peacefully. When the cops come to break up any unrest and they see people rioting and reeking havoc they aren’t going to make the separation of those who is needing to be dealt with and those peacefully exercising their right to free speech. No. They are going to see everyone as disruptive and start cracking skulls. And the media isn’t going to make that separation either because it does not make for interesting news.

Finally public opinion is only going to see these one or two loud volatile bastards as a representation of the entire movement and the cause is lost because if it’s one thing I’ve learned from observing this election is that it’s all about perception because the public is fickle. I know so many reasonable people who have become frustrated with this and feel like because of it nothing will ever change.

It is as heart breaking as it is enraging. But what it most hilarious to me is that I’m willing to bet that NONE of these assholes even voted in the first place or voted stupidly. They are probably the same idiots who allowed themselves to be spoon fed to the media the idea of Hillary Clinton as some real life Cersei Lannister with a secret email address of doom filled with emails which will bring forth Armageddon and in turn fed the same idea to others through dank memes and fake news pandering to those who hate Hillary so much they would rather risk a much more problematic danger to our country come to power. I’m sorry but unless you voted, you have no right to be angry about the outcome and no right to protest, peacefully or otherwise.

Cut to today, several of my friends are in DC again for the Women’s March of Washington. I hope you all remain safe. Stay strong and while these assholes may try to poison our cause, we must still keep fighting because contrary to popular belief, doing nothing at all does not solve anything.

Yours Jasmine

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