Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I’m a Freak and I Don’t Care

Hello Everyone!

That may seem like an odd title for a post but I couldn’t really think of another, and honestly I think it fits the theme perfectly.

Back last year when I was preparing to return to blogging I was trying to figure out what general theme my blog was going to focus on. For the longest time this blog was for the most part a Jfashion blog with a little Jrock and convention stuff sprinkled here and there for good measure. But seeing that I am taking a back seat from those things for the indefinite future I’ve been trying to figure out what I could write about now.

I thought about this being a travel blog since I’m planning to do a lot more travel in the future, particularly overseas. But I still don’t travel enough to justify this as a travel blog. I thought about a history blog but judging by how the people in my life respond when I rant about random occurrences in the past, I don’t think that would make for an interesting blog. I also thought maybe a general fashion/beauty blog with a focus on vintage style but there are enough of those already.

I think my main problem is that there are too many things in my life that I do, things that I love and things that I am equally passionate about. I’ve always had a problem with focus though I think I’m getting better at that. Still I have too many things I love and equally too many things I’d like to share/write about.

Hence the title of this post. I’m a freak, I know I am and I’m beginning to come to accept it. From my stark contrasts in the music I love, to the way I always compare things to things I read about in history books. Though there are much deeper reasons why I consider myself a freak, I’m now referring to how this blog for the time being has no focus at all.

There will be times I write about history, there will be times I write about music or my travels, hell there will also be times I write about my cat. Another thing I’m also going to start writing about are my own opinions on current events, politics and my personal issues with modern day feminism and activism (or lack there of). I will be making my posts more personal, and before when I’ve hidden my own feeling on certain topics I will no longer do. That’s a lot I know, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a weird person and my passions run deep in my heart. At least this should make things a lot more interesting in the future.

Yours Jasmine 

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