Thursday, February 28, 2013

Picture Post ~ Scan from Kera March 2013, score one for plus size loli’s!

While browsing the internet a few days ago, I came across some scans from Kera magazine’s most recent issue for March. I was mainly looking for new makeup tutorials or info on any new releases, anything new to buy or put on my wishlist. What I did find however was this adorable outfit snap I felt I just had to share!

The pic is a little blurred but it’s clear she’s wearing Marshmallow Bunny by Angelic Pretty. A plus sized lolita is always a rare site in any jfashion magazine, seeing this made me very happy. Especially since this has reaffirmed my belief that any girl can be beautiful as a lolita. Any girl! This girl is adorable and the dress suits her body beautifully.

I’m glad Kera featured a plus sized girl this time. It makes me think that plus sized girls are becoming more accepted in the fashion world, well I hope so anyway. ^.^

Yours Jasmine

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  1. i say.. call the no size people what they are "unhealthy" in a bad role model .. they push the idea that to feel good about your self u must spend ALOT OF $.. plus,, not eat.. happiness can not come from what you ware, its only from the heart!