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Pacific Media Expo 2015 ~ Stardust

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a week since PMX and now only a week until AWA! Let me hurry up and post this report before I become too busy again. XD

I actually finished writing my PMX report less than a day after returning home but to be honest I had been debating with myself for a long while about posting this report as it is now or editing it down tremendously. The reason being because soon after returning from PMX I received some info that strongly suggests that I am currently being stalked by a very jealous and very vindictive former friend. In the end I decided to keep this post more or less the way I wrote it originally. Mainly because for the longest time I have tried to promise myself not to let this horrid person control me or make me afraid to post things I want to on my own blog. So fuck it and fuck this person. Here is my report as I originally intended it!

Before I start, let me inform that I will be writing this post a little bit different than my usual con reports: I will be covering all three days of the con in this post alone EXCEPT the Femme Fatale concert and autograph session after. The reason being is because I usually post detailed reports on VKH but this time I covered for them only the fashion aspect of the con (which actually may suit me better, as I’m learning) and that usual task shall go to my new colleague. But because I enjoy and respect Femme Fatale so deeply I will still write a report from my POV, I’ll just post it here for the enjoyment of my readers. ^.^

And so without further ado, here is my report from my great time at PMX this past weekend!! This was my fourth time at this con but have not been to PMX since 2012 and much has changed. It’s in a much bigger venue now and the lolita and jfashion following has grown immensely. The fashion show and boutique is larger now with more brands, indie and major alike, and the guest list was nothing to sneeze at either! I had toyed with the idea of going when Imai Kira was announced but the minute Femme Fatale was announced I knew I was going! XD

It’s funny that, as I mentioned before, my first experience with PMX was when Kaya was there in 2008 and it was the first time I had ever seen him in person. So I had a somewhat feeling of nostalgia as I flew out to California on Friday. But beyond that, the weekend was very lovely and I was so fortunate to have as my roommates a lovely group of girls, two I had met last year at AUSA. I was also so honored and happy to be able to conduct my first successful interview as well for VKH. So much happened but let me start from the beginning.


I had forgotten how exhausting it is to fly to California! >__< I left for the airport after work Friday and departed around 6:30 that evening. I was able to see the sunset from my window seat on the plane; to see the sky painted in golden and magenta hues and then slowly fade to dreamy shades of dark blue with the moon and stars decorating the sky in the distance was very beautiful unlike anything I have ever seen. It was already night when I arrived at LAX. I ought to have gotten to my place of logging soon after but I was stuck with an idiot of a shuttle driver who dropped me off several blocks off course. With my phone dead who knows what would have happened if I had not ran into a very kind group of people who directed me to the right place. By the time I made it there I was beyond tired from toting my luggage several blocks all the while trying to adjust my body to PST. Before long I was out like a rock! XD

A picture from our secret place where we stayed that was found on Airbnb since hotels were not available this time.

I woke up very early the first day to get ready and get my badge. Rooming with me were 3 very nice girls; Jin, who I had met last year at AUSA and was previously one of my own blog readers, Crystal one of the leaders of Kaya’s US Street Team and a lovely lolita named Emily. I left first to get my badge and met my new colleague Kassandra, someone I actually knew already from my days on livejournal way back when. It was great to finally meet her and to be working with her. ^.^

My outfit for the first half of Day 1. I call it trying out otona-kawaii style in order to be professional but failing. XD What do you guys think?

The first day of the con before the concert was rather uneventful besides getting acquainted with Kassandra and her sis, browsing the new area and getting lost, working out my bank account at the fashion boutique and Femme Fatale booth, and running into old friends. My fangirling partner from the Kaya/Moon Stream concert at Complex LA 2 years was there and we ran into each other at the Femme Fatale booth, we had not seen each other in so long and I was surprised she remembered me! I was so happy to see her. Soon we went back to our place to refresh ourselves and relax a bit before the night ahead.

Imagine our slight shock when this little one was waiting for us at the door! We named it George (though we later found out it’s a girl mantis and changed her name to Georgia) and it stayed there for most of the weekend until the last day, as if to welcome us home every time! XD

The second half of the day was also somewhat uneventful. Emily and Crystal went off to Imai Kira’s autograph session and Jin and I ventured to the photoshoot room to get professional photos of our coords.

These are just afew of the pictures that were taken. I think I should have stood behind a lighter backdrop though! XD But I actually leaned a lot about posing from my little time with the photographer. All in all I think these came out rather well! <3

Soon it was time to line up for the concert. Like I’ve said I’ll write about it in another post. But I will say this: it was incredible. Each time I’ve seen Kaya perform weather it was him alone or with a band it has been incredible, but what I love most about seeing him with one of his bands is that I can appreciate how well he can blend with any musical setting. And the other musicians of Femme Fatale, all of them, are also incredible in their own right. Many times I actually shifted attention away from Kaya to pay attention to Toshi, the bassist who reminded me a lot of a lion in his performing and personality. XD

Obviously I really enjoyed the show. Afterward we returned home for a little bit and then hung out at a nearby Denny’s before returning home for the night; of course, George/Georgia was still in the corner of the door to welcome us home. XD

The next day started out good, I had some press duties to do with Kassandra early in the day but later was Femme Fatale’s Q&A panel. For some reason though, I found it hard to focus and became very lightheaded. After the panel I changed into lolita to prepare for the tea party PMX was giving in honor of Imai Kira and the other fashion guest Lorina Liddel. Sadly I was only able to stay for a little bit because I became very sick and sore all over. For a time I was really concerned but in hindsight I think it may have been a side affect of jet lag. I ended up sleeping the remainder of the day until evening. Jin went off to visit a friend and the rest of us went out to a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner. Afterward we walked around the con a little more before finally returning home for the night. And that was Sunday for the most part.

Monday was the last day of the convention. It started out wonderfully with me conducting my first successful interview with Kassandra’s help. At the end of it, I felt so happy and proud of myself because in the weeks before the con I had been so distressed about how it would go but my worried turned out to be unfounded and everyone gave me good feedback. I look forward to doing more in the future! ^o^

Me and my wonderful roomies goofing around before the fashion show. I miss them all so much!

The fashion show was the last event of PMX that I attended with my friends. For the first time in about 2 years, I felt absolutely NO insecurity while watching the show. I think the reason for this is because even though I was not on the runway as a model, I was press and still doing something important by video taping and taking notes for a future fashion report that I will post on VKH. For the longest time I felt like the only way I could have a place in the world of Jfashion was as a model and because of my weight (and skin color to a lesser extent) I could never expect to be respected as a Jfashionsita or a fashion reporter. And when others close to me realized my dreams before me, well, I’m ashamed to admit that I lashed out angrily at them but mostly I was just disgusted with myself. Now I am seeing that I was wrong. I still dream of modeling, but I know that it’s not the be all end all for me and I’m even seeing that maybe my place in Jfashion may very well be something else. I won’t say what that thing is just yet but know that I am feeling a lot more confident about things than I was earlier this year and certainly more than I have been in a very long time.

In any case, the fashion show was lovely and very big, certainly much bigger than Anime Matsuri’s fashion show and many more brands too. Not just Japanese brands but indie ones too; from Korean brands to Chinese Taobao brands, even some western ones too. In addition to Lorina Liddel showcasing pieces from Atelier Periott, there were also pieces from Haenuli, Dolldelight, BABY and AATP and R-Series. Just to name afew.

I mostly took notes of the designs I liked best and took video. But here are a few of the photos I did manage to take.

I’m not much one for the headwear but this dress is adorable and perfect for more casual/otome looks! I believe it’s from R-Series. Oh, I hope it can be custom made!


A Haenuli print. The blue and gold combination is so regal and elegant!

After the fashion show I went to find my friends, and was so happy when I managed to run into David! We had not seen each other since the last time I was in California and I always enjoy seeing him. I was glad to see him again even though we could not talk for long; but we did manage to snap this picture this picture together.


I said goodbye to him and finally found my friends. They left soon afterward and the rest of my day was spent strolling around Pasadena happily before finally heading out to the airport later that evening for a very early morning departure to home. I mentioned before what an amazing sight seeing the sunset from my window seat on my way to California, but to see the sunrise…. I have no words for how lovely it was to see the sun rise across the seemingly boundless sky. I returned to Baltimore Tuesday afternoon after spending a brief layover in Atlanta. It seemed somewhat ironic to me because in less than two weeks I would be there again for AWA. XD

My little PMX haul, made up mainly of Femme Fatale merch, goods from BABY/AATP and some Imai Kira postcards. Not pictured is my Femme Fatale umbrella and Imai Kira iphone case.

So to sum it up, PMX this year was wonderful! Even with it’s ups and downs, getting sick the second day and the recent slew of drama after I returned home, I all in all had a great time and really enjoyed being press in a more official capacity. Like I said before I’m becoming more and more confident in my own natural abilities and am seeing that I don’t need to model or be skinny to have a place in the fashions that I love. I really miss my California friends but I know I will see them again in the future, which, at this moment, could not feel brighter to me.

In my next post I will write about the incredible Femme Fatale concert that took place on the first night of the con. So look forward to it! ^__^

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